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  • The Perfect Bun should be toasted for 62 seconds, spread with butter and served with a cup of tea at 11am, according to research from Aldi
  • Londoners are biggest bun-lovers, eating 17 a year, whilst the average Brit eats 12
  • Anti-traditionalists are experimenting with toppings such as bacon, smashed avocado, ice cream and smoked salmon & cream cheese

(Credit: Aldi’s Hot Cross Bun Toastometer)

The ultimate way to eat a hot cross bun includes two buns per sitting, a 62 second toasting, a slathering of butter, served with a cup of tea at precisely 11am, according to research amongst 2,000 shoppers. The study, commissioned by Aldi as it launches its biggest Easter offering yet, included a ‘Toastometer’ selection process, which led to the findings.

The results will likely cause some debate though, with 1 in 5 Brits admitting to arguing over how toasted a hot cross bun should be; a small group of extremists claim to eat them untoasted (7%) and 1% of respondents said they prefer them well done – cremating them for three minutes in the toaster.

The study also found that while 70% of purists opt to spread their buns with butter, the avant-garde trend for mixing sweet and salty flavour combinations was apparent amongst respondents.

Unusual toppings called out in the findings included beans, smashed avocado and smoked salmon & cream cheese. Other experimental respondents even said they like to try a hot cross bun chicken burger, or hot cross bun ice cream sandwich.

The UK’s top 10 most unusual hot cross bun toppings

  1. Hot cross bun with cheese
  2. Hot cross bun with bacon
  3. Hot cross bun ice cream sandwich
  4. Hot cross bun with marmite
  5. Hot cross bun chicken burger 
  6. Hot cross bun with brie and prosciutto
  7. Hot cross bun with salmon & cheese
  8. Hot cross bun with pear & stilton
  9. Hot cross bun with beans
  10. Hot cross bun with smashed avocado

The research comes as Aldi launches its biggest range of hot cross buns to date, with innovative flavour combinations such as Salted Caramel & Belgian Chocolate, Chilli & Cheese, and Rhubarb & Custard.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “We’ve always known that hot cross buns are hugely popular in UK households, but have never truly identified the perfect formula for the Ultimate Hot Cross Bun until now.

“While it’s apparent that convention rules, with most opting for a traditional hot cross bun with butter, it’s great to see that Brits are keen to experiment with more exotic toppings and flavour combinations.

“This year’s hot cross bun range is our most biggest and best yet, and award winning too, showing that exceptionally delicious products need not come with a high price tag.”

Whilst the average Brit enjoys 12 buns a year, Londoners are the biggest hot-cross-bun-lovers consuming an average of 17, whilst in comparison, the relatively bun-shy people of Yorkshire, indulge in just seven. Half of respondents said they would love to see them sold on shelves all year.

Less adventurous shoppers will be happy to know that Aldi is also stocking its traditional flavoured buns such as the Specially Selected Luxury Fruited Hot Cross Bun, which won best ‘Hot Cross Bun’ in this year’s Good Housekeeping Easter Taste Test, beating M&S, Waitrose and Sainsburys to the post despite costing 65% less.

What’s more, to celebrate the nation’s palette for the weird and wonderful, Aldi has created a selection of unique hot cross bun recipes. To find out more about Aldi’s hot cross bun products and recipes, visit: www.aldi.co.uk

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