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Have a meat feast with Aldi's new Buckler's Reserve Range
21 Apr 2016

  • Aldi launches its brand new Buckler’s Reserve range
  • Four new products are included in the range: Wild Boar and Apple Burgers; Buffalo Tomato and Basil Burgers; Venison Sausages; and Wild Boar and Apple Sausages

Welcome summer with a taste of the exotic with Aldi’s latest seasonal meat offering. For just £1.99, adventurous Brits are being given the chance to tuck into healthier burgers, such as Wild Boar and Apple Burgers or Buffalo Tomato and Basil, as well as new types of lean meat sausages, including Venison or Wild Boar and Apple (£2.49).

Lower in fat and higher in protein than beef, Aldi’s seasonal burgers and sausages offer shoppers a healthier and tenderer meat, enhanced by the aromatic flavours of apple, tomato and basil.
The exotic meats are available in all Aldi stores, whilst stocks last.

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