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Aldi launches Android Pay
20 May 2016

Aldi is set to make shopping even easier for customers from Wednesday 18th May 2016 when it will start to accept contactless Android Pay across all of its 638 UK stores.
With Android accounting for 54%* of the smartphone market in the UK, the launch of mobile payment at Aldi stores will give thousands of customers the opportunity to pay for their shopping by simply tapping their phone on the contactless payment terminal at the checkout.
Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Aldi Corporate Buying, said: “We’re pleased to partner with Android Pay to offer our customers a quick, easy and secure method to pay for goods in store.
“The launch of Android Pay further reinforces our commitment to give our customers a simplified and enjoyable shopping experience.”
Aldi successfully launched Apple Pay in 2015, for more information visit
*Q1 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report
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