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Aldi gets beer-hind UK's finest regional brewers with the launch of homegrown craft beer range
27 May 2016

Supermarket Aldi is championing British beer and expanding its UK-brewed craft beer range. The initiative, worth over £600k, will see the retailer stock eighteen UK-brewed craft beers in its stores in England and Wales from Sunday 29th May as a Specialbuy.
The move is set to tap in to the booming craft beer market in the UK which is currently worth £420 million and predicted to reach £1 billion in value by 2020[1], as demand surges for authentic, regionally brewed ales.
Wiltshire brewery, Wadworth, is one of thirteen local breweries signed up, with its signature Wadworth 6X ale. A fourth-generation family business, the brewery still delivers ales locally in oak cask beer barrels by its very own Shire Horses. The Aldi listing marks a major coup for the brewing team.
Colin Oke, Head Brewer at Wadworth’s, comments: “We’re an independent family business and making quality ales is our passion – the deal with Aldi means we can continue to grow and put 6X on the UK map, a testament to our team and the generations before us.”
Boasting quality brews from some of the finest breweries across the country, each beer in Aldi’s new range has been handpicked by the retailer’s dedicated UK buying team over the course of two years; and carefully selected to celebrate provenance, artisan brewing and the exceptional beer produced across the UK.
Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying, comments: “We’re delighted to be supporting the growth of some of the most distinguished regional breweries and microbreweries across the country  and cannot wait to offer their signature ales to Aldi shoppers across the UK.
“Our buying team has scoured every corner of the UK to source an eclectic collection of fantastic ales, and we’re delighted to be able to bring this exceptional collection to shoppers across the country at an affordable price.” 
Tony Jerome, Communications Director of the Society for Independent Brewers (SIBA), who campaign for the interests of the growing number of independent brewers in the UK, adds: “It’s great to see Aldi championing local breweries and bringing the taste of some of Britain’s finest craft-brewed ales to shoppers across the country. Craft brewed beer is the strongest it’s ever been in the UK and Aldi’s range will strengthen that trend even further.”
The eighteen craft beers, each priced at £1.25, will be available in Aldi stores nationwide across England and Wales, from Sunday 29th May. As with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone they’re gone!
Full product list:
•                    Wet Your Whistle (4.5%,500ml) – Brewed at Box Steam Brewery
•                    Golden Bolt (3.8%, 500ml) – Brewed at Box Steam Brewery
•                    Wadworth 6X (4.3% 500ml) – Brewed at Wadworth Brewery
•                    Two Tribes (4.5%, 500ml) – Brewed at Everards Brewery
•                    Hop Bomb (5.0%, 500ml) – Brewed at Sadler’s Brewery
•                    Mellow Yellow (4.1%, 500ml) – Brewed at Sadler’s Brewery
•                    Wizard Amber (3.7%, 500ml) – Brewed at Robinsons Brewery
•                    Maple Gold (4.3%, 500ml) – Brewed at Joseph Holt Brewery
•                    White Witch (3.9%, 500ml) – Brewed at Moorhouses Brewery
•                    Mid-Atlantic (4.5%, 500ml) – Brewed at Titanic Brewery
•                    Velo Pale Ale ( 4.2%, 500ml) – Brewed at Black Sheep Brewery
•                    Reverend James Rye (4.3%, 500ml) – Brewed at SA Brain Brewery
•                    Surrey Nirvana (4.0%, 500ml) – Brewed at Hogsback Brewery
•                    Castle (3.8%, 500ml) – Brewed at Arundel Brewery
•                    Double Dragon (4.2%, 500ml) – Brewed at Felinfoel Brewery
•                    A-Hop-alypse Now (4.3%, 500ml) – Brewed at Camerons Brewery
•                    Strongarm (4.3%, 500ml) – Brewed at Camerons Brewery
•                    Unicorn (4.3% ABV, 500ml) - Brewed at Robinsons Brewery
All products priced at £1.25.
[1] Premium Bottled Ale Report – viewable here

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Supermarket Aldi is championing British beer and expanding its UK-brewed craft beer range