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Aldi serve up an ace saving on strawberries for Wimbledon
24 Jun 2016

With tennis season around the corner, thousands of fans will be heading to Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray battle it out to reach glory at this year’s tournament and as shots are volleyed across the court, spectators will be tucking in to the classic summer favourite, strawberries.
Whilst thousands of spectators will be forking out a ball dropping £2.50[1] for a punnet of ten strawberries at Wimbledon,  Aldi customers can enjoy fresh British strawberries for a fraction of the price at just £1.29 (400g pack), saving them £1.21 a punnet.
With research[2] revealing that an increasing number of people watch the tennis championships from the comfort of their home, (29.2m people tuning in to watch Wimbledon on TV in 2015, up from 27.1m in 2014[3]) the grand slam saving that shoppers can make at Aldi is likely to be a crowd pleaser.
Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, said “At Aldi, we are committed to providing the best quality and value to our customers all year round.
“Wimbledon is a celebrated British sporting event and we aim to offer our customers a full range of summer favourites, including British strawberries, which they can enjoy with friends and family while cheering on the players.”
During Wimbledon4, Aldi is set to sell over 2.5 million punnets of strawberries enough to pack 3015 centre courts.
Angus Soft Fruits, grower of Aldi’s British strawberries, said: ‘With peak season for strawberries upon us, we are incredibly proud to be producing deliciously juicy British punnets for all to enjoy.”
Angus Soft Fruits Ltd. which was established in 1994, has also successfully produced new strawberry varieties including AVA and AVA Rosa, a far superior tasting variety, both of which are often available at Aldi stores nationwide.
British Strawberries – £1.29, 400g 
This is a core product, available in all Aldi stores.

Fresh British Double Cream – 65p, 300ml 
This is a core product, available in all Aldi stores.

[1] 2015 prices and broadcast statistics sourced from the Official Wimbledon website.
[2] Research sourced from the Official Wimbledon website.
[3] For a total 15 minute reach at a time as per information on the Official Wimbledon website.
27 June – July 10 2016
5 2,377cm x 823cm = 1,956,271cm2 (size of tennis court). This is divided by the cm2 of the strawberry punnet – 19cm x 12cm = 228cm2, therefore 8,580 punnets fill one court. We then divided the number of strawberry punnets we sell a year by 8,580 to get 301. Aldi sells enough to fill 301 tennis courts a year.

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Aldi customers can enjoy fresh British strawberries for just £1.29 (400g pack).