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Orange you glad for Aldi
25 Aug 2016

Bake Off is back and on last night’s episode, the judges sent the amateur bakers ‘wobbling’ as they attempted to master the British classic, Jaffa Cakes!
The first episode showed contestants battling it out to recreate the citrus favourite and for some the pressure in the tent rose to boiling point as they deliberated over the delicate preparation of jelly and sponge.
However, Aldi shoppers can rest assured that while they fine tune their baking skills, they can stock up on all the ingredients at Aldi for less than £5.
Try this:
Make sure your topping is smooth and uniform with a choice of Aldi’s Dairyfine Milk Chocolate (79p) or keep it classic with Dairyfine Dark Chocolate (79p).
Which way to place the sponge? It’s a question that stumped the bakers. Whatever way you decide, make sure you are stocked up with plenty of Aldi’s The Pantry Caster Sugar (99p), British Unsalted Butter (79p) and that all-important The Pantry Self-Raising Flour (45p). Large eggs are preferred when making a batch so why not try Aldi’s Large Free Range Eggs (89p).
The all-important jelly filling is what makes the Jaffa Cake so iconic and Aldi’s Orange Jelly (29p) will ensure your zesty centre is delightful, whilst keeping costs low.
If firing up the oven doesn’t appeal to you, why not fake your bake, buying Aldi’s Belmont Jaffa Cakes (89p)?
That’s it bakers, now all you have to worry about is crumbs in your tea if you’re a dipper like Paul.
For more Aldi’s recipes visit:
Orange Jelly– 29p, 135g (62464+)
Caster Sugar – 99p, 1KG (49427+)
Unsalted Butter – 79p, 250g (2470)
Large Free Range Eggs – 89p, 6 pack (44407)
Self-Raising Flour – 45p, 1.5KG (49601+)           
Milk Chocolate – 79p, 200g (43202)
Dark Chocolate – 79p, 200g (43199+)  
Basket total: £4.20
Belmont Jaffa Cakes – 89p, 300g (7694+)          
Notes to editor:
Ingredients based on Mary Berry’s recipe:
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