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PROST! Aldi introduces five new German beers for Oktoberfest 2016
25 Aug 2016

The world’s largest beer festival is fast approaching and as millions of revellers prepare to flock to Munich for Oktoberfest, discount supermarket Aldi is stocking its shelves with five specially chosen German beers to bring the celebrations home.
UK beer-lovers can get into the festival spirit with the range of quality beers at pocket friendly prices, in store from 15th September.
Schwaben Brau Das Schwarze
Single bottle £1.79, 500ml
This dark and sumptuous beer is jet black in colour and laced with subtle flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee for a truly delectable finish. With a taste inspired by Pilsner, Germany’s most popular beer style, drinkers can enjoy a rich flavour with a bitter edge.
Schwaben Brau Das Naturtrube
Single bottle £1.79, 500ml
Pilsner fans will also enjoy Das Naturtube, which is infused with a pleasant hop-like aroma. The beer has a natural cloudiness and is unfiltered for a more intense flavour.
Schwaben Brau Das Helle
Single bottle £1.79, 500ml
A traditional German lager, Das Helle has a mild, herbal hoppiness. With an underlying slight malty taste, the lager will give drinkers a true taste of Germany.
Schwaben Brau Volksfestbier
Single bottle £1.79, 500ml
Light and golden in colour, Volksefestbier has a softer taste than more traditional German Pilsners. The subtle flavours are a perfect accompaniment to a relaxed night in with friends.
Schwaben Brau Das Weizen
Single bottle £1.79, 500ml
For a fruitier finish, Das Weizen gives beer fans something a bit different. Mildly aromatic, this cloudy wheat beer is a great companion for evenings in the garden.
Full product list:
  • Schwaben Brau Das Schwarze (500ml), £1.79
  • Schwaben Brau Das Naturtrube (500ml), £1.79
  • Schwaben Brau Das Helle (500ml), £1.79
  • Schwaben Brau Volksfestbier (500ml), £1.79
  • Schwaben Brau Das Weizen (500ml), £1.79

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