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Aldi launches new Everyday Amazing campaign to share more of the Aldi story
08 Sep 2016

(8th September - Consumer) 
  • The campaign reflects growing UK trend towards buying premium, responsibly sourced foods
  • Nearly a third of the UK dines on steak at home fortnightly
  • 88% feel it’s important to buy British and support local producers
  • 62% don’t want to be charged a premium on locally sourced food and produce
Aldi has unveiled a new television advertising commercial entitled ‘Everyday Amazing’.  The commercial is part of a new integrated campaign that marks a new positioning for the retailer, showing there is so much more to Aldi than what many already associate with the brand – quality food at unbeatable low prices.  The campaign outlines more of the unique ways in which Aldi does business as it relates to the ethical ways it runs its supply chain, sourcing and treats employees.
Coming out of the champion performance of its Team GB partnership, in which Aldi laid the foundations for its British sourcing standards, the work extends Aldi’s storytelling to aspects including employee wellbeing, fairness and responsible sourcing standards, which is increasingly as important as value in modern shoppers’ minds.
Maintaining the humorous style the supermarket has become synonymous with, it features a new end line ‘Everyday Amazing’ which details surprising ‘coffee table’ facts about Aldi’s way of doing business, whilst also bringing a smile.  These include the fact that Aldi sells over 22,000 free range chickens a week in the UK; that Aldi sells enough Champagne to launch 3,000 ships every day; that it’s Specially Selected Scottish Salmon is RSPCA Assured, and was voted by UK suppliers as the fairest supermarket to do business with. What’s more, Aldi was also the first UK supermarket to sign the National Farmers Union Fruit & Veg Pledge.
The new campaign launches at a time when Brits are embracing a new found love for gourmet, responsibly sourced items.  New independent research* by the discount supermarket shows that 30% of the UK now dines on steak fortnightly; with other premium items also featuring more regularly in the weekly shopping basket, including Prosecco and smoked salmon as well as  soft cheeses, berries and avocados.
Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, said: “UK shopper expectations are higher than ever before – and rightly so.  At Aldi UK, we’re proud to have been offering customers exceptional quality, ethically sourced products at unbeatable everyday low prices for more than 25 years.”
The survey of over 2,000 consumers reveals that nearly one-third have changed their shopping behaviour and now buy more premium foods than 12 months ago. Aldi sales data** which shows an uplift on premium foods like Prosecco (116%) and Specially Selected Smoked Salmon (261%) over the same period. 
The research also confirms that UK consumers are becoming increasingly savvy with how they shop.  60% of shoppers admitted to being attracted by consistent everyday low prices, rather than being enticed by promotion-led special offers, with one in ten feeling bamboozled by price cuts.  As much as 74% of shoppers are sceptical about price reductions with concerns about being offered poorer quality foods and producers being squeezed coming top of mind. 
With Team GB’s success still ringing in our ears, allegiance to supporting British remains strong, with   88% considering it to be important to buy British and 62% feeling that it is unfair to be charged a premium on locally sourced food and produce.  

Notes to editors: 
*Survey was carried out by Censuswide between the dates of 26.08.2016-30.08.2016, with 2,021 respondents
** Aldi Sales Data
Sales period
28/08/2016 2,405
  116% rise
Specially Selected Smoked Salmon
Sales period
30/08/2016 6,449
  261% rise
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