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Aldi introduces this year's 'it'-Brit veg
17 Nov 2016

The superfood revolution continues with the introduction of the latest British it-veg, Kalettes, to Aldi stores from Thursday 17th November for 89p, just in time for the festive season.

Kale took the food world by storm becoming an international ‘It-Veg’ overnight going on to dominate plates, Instagram feeds and worldwide fandom.  Hidden in smoothies, layered in stir-fries, or roasted to crisps, Kale has certainly packed a punch.

Kalettes is set to follow suit, a natural hybrid of Kale and Brussels sprouts with small cabbage like flowering sprouts.  Bursting with Vitamins C & B6*, Kalettes provide double the amount of both essential vitamins for the same weight as its parent plant, Brussels sprouts. 

With a sweet and nutty flavour, soft stalks and delicate leaves, Kalettes are just versatile as its famous relative, Kale, lending itself perfectly to a variety of meals.   

Prime Kalettes season is from November to March, so why not try substituting Brussels sprouts for Kalettes at Christmas, upping the nutritious ante in the most important meal of the year. All those vitamins make them the perfect remedy for the colder months, providing you with a great dose of mood and immune boosting goodness.

Tony Baines, Joint Buying Manager at Aldi said:

“At Aldi we pride ourselves on seeking out the best produce for our customers and we are excited to introduce new products like Kalettes to our range.  Kalettes have gained a huge amount of interest and we are sure it will become a favourite among our customers especially given the amazing price.   

“Aldi is a huge supporter of British and local producers, having signed the NFU’s Fruit and Veg Pledge in 2015, and we continue to honor this commitment”

Aldi was the first retailer to sign up to the NFU’s ‘Fruit and Veg Pledge’ highlighting a commitment to long-term and fair supply relationships, price certainty and seasonal British produce.
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