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Aldi's insider's guide to Christmas
12 Dec 2016

Pick up your Christmas showstoppers at astonishingly low prices at Aldi
As the pinnacle of the festive seasons draws ever closer, Aldi has created an insider’s guide to stocking up on your festive essentials and treats.
Cheese & Wine
Monday 12th December
For those cold wintery nights in front of the fire where you may be craving a glass (or two) of your favourite red or white wine and cheese and crackers, Aldi has a wide selection of cheeses from all over Europe to temp you. From French cheeses such as Epoisses, Pont L’ Eveque, Bleu DAffinois,  Ossau Iraty and Chaource to Specially Selected Regional Blue Cheese sourced from Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Buxton at just £2.29 each, they say variety is the spice of life and at Aldi you can find an extensive selection at everyday low prices.  For extravagant cheeses to treat yourself or your guests choose Aldi’s Specially Selected Large Baking Camembert with Fig, Pecan and Honey (£4.49) or the Rouzaire Brie with Truffle, a must have for any luxury cheeseboard.
Party Food
Monday 12th December
Following the ever growing popularity of canapés, as one of the biggest food trends for special occasions, if you’re feeling peckish after your Christmas dinner or looking for some nibbles for New Year’s, why not show off with some charming canapés or fanciful finger food. Aldi offers a well-rounded collection of buffet style food suitable for family get togethers and embraces the ‘something for everyone’ statement with Specially Selected Smoked Salmon Blinis, British Pork Belly Squares, British Ultimate Cheeseburger Sliders, New York Pastrami & Pork Sliders, Mini British Pies and Slow Cooked British Lamb Kebab in Pitta available for just £2.99 each. Aldi also has the perfect pie to wow your guests with the Specially Selected Exquisite Jewelled Pie at (£14.99).
To finish up with some fizz and finesse Aldi offers Specially Selected Macaroons (£2.99) or Specially Selected Hand Finished Mini Desserts (£2.99) which are the ultimate finishing touches to a festive feast fit for a king.
The festive feast
Monday 19th December
On to the main event featuring Aldi’s pedigree Specially Selected Exquisite Hand Finished, Free Range, Rumburgh Farm Bronze Turkey (£8.99 per kg) which will create the perfect centre piece for your Christmas banquet. Aldi’s most premium birds roam free in the grounds of a picturesque farm in Suffolk to give it the most succulent meat and flavour.
To accompany this exceptional bird, Aldi has a variety of scrumptious sides to complement your meal including Specially Selected Honey and Mustard Glazed Parsnips and Specially Selected Goose Fat Roast Potatoes for £1.79 each, Specially Selected Red Cabbage and Rainbow Vegetables with Herb Butter (£1.99), Specially Selected British Outdoor Bred Pork Chipolatas Wrapped in Smoked Dry Cured Bacon (£1.99) and Specially Selected Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls (£2.19).
In a survey conducted by Aldi*, almost 1 in 3 (32 per cent) of UK consumers admit they have at least one out of date Christmas food essential lurking at the back of their kitchen cupboards, with 60 per cent saying they would not reuse anything from the previous year. With Aldi’s everyday low prices you can re-stock your cupboard staples like Specially Selected Cranberry Sauce, Bread Sauce and Poultry Gravy all at just £1.49 each.
Wednesday 21st December
With public approval increasing for the inclusion of seafood as part of festive feasting, Aldi has expanded its offering with some classic fishy show stoppers such as the Specially Selected Fresh Dressed Lobster (£14.99), Large Scallops (£5.99) and Scottish Salmon Terrine Diamonds (£5.99). The discounter also offer some bite size buffet treats like the Specially Selected Seafood Platter (£7.99). The discounter also has some seafood showstoppers including the Specially Selected Exquisite Rope Hung Smoked Scottish Salmon (Great price in-store) and Specially Selected Exquisite Scottish Smoked Salmon (£3.99) available in Mojito and Gin & Tonic.
Pick up some outstanding deals and mesmerising treats on Monday 12th, 19th and Wednesday 21st December just in time for Christmas day.
All product information for the above mentioned products plus many more can be found in the brochure attached.
Notes to Editor:
*All stats from: Censuswide: 2,004 general consumers. 14.10.16 - 17.10.16
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