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Make January a 'super-food' month with Aldi
03 Jan 2017

Embarking on a health kick needn’t break the bank and by shopping at Aldi customers can make incredible savings across a wide range of fresh and nutritious produce, throughout the year.  Aldi’s iconic Super 6 offers shoppers a saving of up to 65% on selected lines* and there are further savings to be made on a selection of super-food favourites including A-list celeb favourite, Coconut Oil.

Discount supermarket Aldi makes it even easier to enjoy a colourful veggie drawer all year round and from Monday 2nd January, as part of Aldi’s Super 6, customers can enjoy Mango (each), Unwashed Spinach (450g), Pineapple (each) and Royal Gala Apples (min 5) for just 59p, and Curly Kale (200g) and Kiwi (6 pack) for 49p.

To help give your pantry a superfood punch, Aldi is introducing Lift Matcha Green Tea Powder (£4.99, 15 sachets). The traditional Japanese tea is brimming with antioxidants and has risen to “it” food status for its natural properties.  It is the perfect substitute for a morning brew, and at £7.01 cheaper** than Teapig’s Matcha Single Serve Sachets (£12.00, 14x1g) you’ll be sticking to your spend less, save more resolution, too!

Making simple switches to cooking habits can also help to boost healthy eating in 2017 and fulfil so many ‘New Year, New You’ resolutions for Brits up and down the country, so why not try using Aldi’s Coco Loco Coconut Oil (£2.49, 300ml) in place of regular oil?  And with Aldi, shoppers can save 77p per 100g compared to Waitrose**, a saving worth jumping up and down about!  

But, don’t just turn to the humble coconut for oil, Aldi’s Coco Loco Coconut Water (£1.79, 1L, 66620) is not just the perfect base for a smoothie, it also has excellent hydrating qualities and is packed with essential minerals and nutrients which will keep you feeling great throughout 2017.

Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, said: “We offer our customers high quality and amazing value products every day of the year and January is no exception. To kick-start 2017, we will be inspiring customers with a wide range of fresh, nutrient boosting Super 6 deals and incredible savings across our entire range, including products like Matcha Tea and Coconut Oil that many other retailers charge a premium for. We look forward to helping our customers revolutionise their resolutions in 2017!”

*Super 6 Price Comparison
  Aldi (Super 6, 2nd January - from 49p) Asda Tesco Waitrose  
Kale Curly Kale - 49p, 200g Grower's Selection Unwashed Sliced Curly Kale - 75p, 200g Tesco Curly Kale - £1.00, 206g Essential Kale - £1.00, 250g  
Per 100g 24.5p 37.5p 48.5p 40p  
Spinach Unwashed Spinach - 59p, 450g Grower's Selection Unwashed Spinach - £1.25, 350g Redmere Farms Spinach - £1.00, 200g Essential Waitrose whole leaf spinach - £1.50, 260g  
Per 100g 13.1p 36p 50p 57.6p  
Mango Mango - 59p each Grower's Selection Large Mango - £1.00, each Perfectly Ripe Mango - £1.00 each 1 Keitt Large mango - £1.15 each  
Per individual 59p £1.00 £1.00 £1.15  
Pineapple Pineapple - 59p each Pineapple - £1.00 each Pineapple - £1.00 each essential Waitrose large supersweet pineapple - £1.70 each  
Per individual 59p £1.00 £1.00 £1.70  
Kiwi Kiwi - 49p, 6 pack Grower's Selection Ripen at Home Kiwi Fruit - 75p, 6 pack Suntrail Farms Kiwi X6 - 69p, 6 pack essential Waitrose kiwi fruit - 80p, 6pack  
Per individual 8.2p 12.5p 11.5p 13p  
Royal Gala Apple Royal Gala Apples - 59p, min 5 pack Grower's Selection Loose Gala Apple  24p, per apple Gala Apple - £1.50, min 5 essential Waitrose Gala apples - £1.50, min 7  
Per individual 11.8p 24p 30p 21p  
 ‘Super-Food’ Comparison
  Aldi Asda Tesco Waitrose Teapigs
Coconut Oil Coconut Oil - £2.49, 300ml Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - £2.35, 283ml Virgin Coconut Oil - £3.00, 300ml Cooks' Ingredients virgin cold pressed coconut oil - £5.00, 300ml N/A
Per 100g 83p 83p £1 £1.66 N/A
Coconut Water Coconut Water - £1.79, 1l Coconut Water - £2.00, 1l N/A N/A N/A
Per 100ml 17p 20p N/A N/A N/A
Matcha Powder Lift Matcha Powder - £4.99 (15 sachets) N/A N/A   Matcha Single Serve Sachets - £12, 14 sachets
Per Sachet 33p       85p
Other products are available from competitors, comparison products chosen by Aldi.
Prices and product information taken from competitor website and accurate as of 22.12.2016
Lift Matcha Powder – £4.99, 15 sachets
This is a specialbuy product available in store from 8th January 2017
Coconut Water – £1.79, 1L
This is a core product available in stores nationwide
Coconut Oil – £2.49, 300ml
This is a core product available in stores nationwide
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