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Wines that don't cost the earth
07 Apr 2017

Discount Supermarket Aldi to Launch its First Collection of Eco-Friendly Wines

Discount supermarket Aldi is set to launch an eight strong collection of ‘green,’ ecologically aware wines next month as it taps into the growing trend for conscious consumerism.

Each of the wines in the innovative new collection eschews usual production methods and boasts organic, carbon neutral or ‘no added sulphur’ credentials.’ Aldi anticipates that the wines will appeal to the ‘wholefoods generation’; millennial shoppers who are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of the produce that they are buying and consuming. The eight wines will go on sale exclusively at the supermarket on 4th April, each priced at under £8.  

With demand for organic food and drink increasing for a fifth consecutive year during 2016[1] , Aldi has responded to this trend with four certified organic wines;  a sparkling (Organic Prosecco DOC 2016, £7.99), two French whites from renowned wine maker Jean Claude Mas (Jean Claude Mas Classic Organic Vin Blanc 2016, £5.99 and Jean Claude Mas Estate Organic Sud de France 2016, £6.99), along with an organic version of one of the store’s bestselling red wines, the Toro Loco Organic 2015, £4.99, a blend of Bobal, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  

A pair of 100% certified carbon neutral wines from Wakefield, the family vineyard behind Aldi’s multi-award winning Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling will also appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. The 80 Acres Carbon Neutral Shiraz Viognier 2015, £6.99,  and the 80 Acres Carbon Neutral Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2015, £6.99, are produced in a way that eliminates or offsets any negative impact on the environment from every stage, from grape all the way through to delivery of the bottled wines to Aldi’s UK warehouse.

Two natural ‘no sulphur added’ red wines will complete the ‘green’ collection. The Origin Pure No Sulphur Added Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, £5.49 and Earth’s Essence No Sulphur Added Shiraz 2016, £6.99, embrace natural farming techniques and are made without preservative sulphur dioxide. The Earth’s Essence No Sulphur Added Shiraz 2016 is naturally preserved using wood from the rooibos and honeybush plants, resulting in a fruity sweetness, elements of spice and a well-rounded finish. 

Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying, Aldi comments: “We know that our shoppers are increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and drink. With this in mind, our wine buying team has worked alongside our world-class suppliers to curate a collection of wines which answer our shoppers various ‘green’ demands.

“Our collection of organic, carbon neutral and no sulphur wines are bursting with personality and we’re delighted to prove that high quality, eco-friendly products needn’t be a luxury, accompanied by a high price tag.”

Aldi’s ‘green’ wines will go on sale from 4th April. Organic and carbon neutral wines will be available online at and instore; the sulphite free wines will be in store only.
[1] The Soil Association 2017 Organic Market Report

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