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Surviving stuffy car journeys with Aldi
04 May 2017

Whether planning a family trip to the coast or a weekend away with friends, Aldi is helping the UK make the most of their break with the launch of the new Staycation range. On sale in stores and online from 11th May and available to pre-order online from 4th May, holidaymakers can find everything they need to keep the kids amused and kit out the car ahead of a long journey.
Capture the journey in high definition with this 1080p Dashboard Camera (£39.99), which sits neatly on the windscreen with a secure suction cap. With 3.5 megapixels and up to 4x digital zoom, the camera can give drivers peace of mind as it provides high quality footage, ideal for recording road collision evidence or even just capturing a scenic route.
Keep the kids entertained with Aldi’s 10” Portable DVD Player (£44.99). With a high-resolution digital display which swivels and folds flat, it’s perfect for little ones to enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies in the comfort of the backseat.
Transform their journey with this Virtual Reality Headset (£14.99), where they can take a wild rollercoaster ride or explore an alternate universe to pass the time. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, kids and teens will be entertained with an array of 3D movies, games and simulations.
Ensure the kids are safe and secure with this Child Booster Seat (£18.99), which inflates and packs away into a bag for an effective space saving solution.  Ideal for busy families on the go and for any unexpected car journeys on holiday. Suitable for children aged 4-11 years old, 15-36kg in weight and up to 135cm in height.
Keep safety front of mind with this handy European Travel Kit (£18.99), which contains all the essentials for a long car journey, including a hi-vis jacket, beam deflectors, a travel first aid kit and LED wind up torch. Aldi’s Car Essentials (£3.99) will also make dead phone batteries a thing of the past, with a dual USB car charger to charge two devices at once.
Keep the car interior looking spick and span with this Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (£17.99). With nozzles for both wet and dry suction, it also has a washable filter and wall mount for added convenience. Perfect for last minute pre-holiday prep, the vacuum features a fast charging Li-Ion battery for a squeaky clean interior in a matter of moments.
Travel in style and give the car a glow with this Car Polisher (£16.99), featuring a water resistant buffing wheel and soft grip handle. Aldi’s Waterless Wash & Wax Box (£2.99) helps clean, polish and protect to give the car a mirror showroom finish in minutes, without the need for water.
Aldi’s Staycation range is available to pre-order online from 4th May and to buy in stores nationwide & online from 11th May, but be quick because as with all Specialbuys, once it’s gone it’s gone.
Aldi’s Staycation range is in store 11th May and available while stocks last
Product Name Price
10" Portable DVD Player £44.99
1080p Dashboard Camera £39.99
Child Booster Seat £18.99
Euro Travel Kit £18.99
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner £17.99
Car Polisher £16.99
Virtual Reality Headset £14.99
Solar Charger 12v £13.99
Premium Car Mats £9.99
Analogue Air Compressor £9.99
Ratchet Tie Down Sets £9.99
Bluetooth Car Speaker £9.99
Luggage Space And Car Protection Cover £4.99
Car Essentials £3.99
Bungee Strap Set £3.99
Car Socket Adaptor £3.99
Car Organiser Assortment £3.99
Waterless Wash & Wax Box £2.99
Paw Patrol Books £1.49

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