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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE - Aldi coffee pods awarded Which? Best Buy
17 May 2017

Discount supermarket Aldi’s Ristretto Alcafe coffee pods have been awarded a ‘Best Buy’ by consumer champion, Which?.
Due to customer demand, the capsules are now available as a core product in store, as well as online (with free delivery as standard). Customers now have year-round access to the award-winning coffee.

With sales of coffee pods estimated at £182 million in 2016, up from £158 million in 20151, at home coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular. Although significantly cheaper for coffee lovers than a daily Starbucks (where your yearly bill for a daily flat white could reach £9132), a household drinking three cups of coffee a day can still rack up a bill of £3403 a year when using Nespresso capsules.

Switching from Nespresso to Aldi’s Alcafe Coffee Pods (which are compatible with Nespresso machines), would see the cost drop to £1974 per year – a saving of £143. The pods come in Espresso, Lungo and Ristretto and are available for £1.79 with 10 servings per pack, and as a 3 Pack Bundle online for £5.37 – 42 per cent cheaper than market leader, Nespresso. Aldi’s Alcafe Coffee Pods are also available in Brazilian and Columbian.

With the Ristretto pods having just been awarded a Which? Best Buy, it’s clear that quality needn’t be compromised when it comes to getting great value.  
Tony Baines, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi, said: “We’re very proud of our products and to receive such high praise from such a highly regarded organisation as Which? is an honour.

“We pride ourselves on offering customers exceptional quality at everyday low prices and to beat industry leaders, as well as brands and other supermarket own-label products. Our coffee is evidence that you don’t have to pay premium prices to enjoy a barista-style indulgence.”
For more information on Aldi’s award-winning product range visit
  Aldi Nespresso  
Coffee pods Aldi’s Alcafe Coffee Pods, £1.79 per 10 pods Nespresso coffee pods, £3.10 per 10 pods Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Intenso, £2.50 per 10 pods M&S Single origin Colombian Coffee capsules £3.00 for 10 pods
Price per pod 0.18p 0.31p 0.25p 0.30p
SAVING   42%, £1.31 28%, £0.71 40%, £1.21

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