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04 Aug 2017

This summer, Aldi is launching a limited edition range of 24 wines on the 3rd August – championing the finest wines from around the globe.
With each wine carefully hand-selected for its unique story and delicious taste, the Summer Wine Festival is sure to impress. The range delivers a more diverse selection than ever, including two sparkling red wines (Graspa Rossa Lambrusco and Fork & Spoon Sparkling Shiraz) and the elegantly designed Fleurs de Prairie Côtes de Provence Rosé – a wine almost too beautiful to drink. Whether you’re looking for a light, crisp white to accompany some al fresco dining, the perfect fizz to pop open in celebration, or simply fancy trying something a little different this summer – Aldi’s Summer Wine Festival has all bases covered.
The collection consists of six sparkling wines sourced from around the world, offering some delicious alternatives to prosecco.
Graspa Rossa Lambrusco, £8.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
Fancy something a little different this summer? This sparkling red, produced by a renowned family-run winemaker, is harvested from an exclusive Emilia grape. Take a sip and you’ll taste delicate bouquets of red fruits with a complex structure.
Fork & Spoon Sparkling Shiraz, £7.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A sparkling blackberry wine with a rich raspberry fruit finish. An unusually refreshing drink to enjoy this summer.
Pata Negra Vintage Cava, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
There’s no question why this wine’s translation means ‘the best of the best’. Its elegant and complex mix will impress at any occasion, but is perfect to crack open for a celebration.
Gardo & Morris Sparkling Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, £11.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
Your summer evening deserves a burst of tropical flavours – so why not try this sparkling Sauvignon Blanc hailing from New Zealand? An intensely aromatic wine with a deliciously clean finish, combining expressive flavours of fruit and brioche. Excellent as an apéritif or with Aldi’s cod fillets (£2.69).
Goldeck Sparkling Grüner Veltliner, £8.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
Bursting with lime, lemon and refreshing acidity, this wine adds an unusual pop to any occasion. Lovingly produced by the ‘Schlumberger’ family, this wine is made exclusively from the Grüner Veltliner grape.
Louisvale Cap Classique South African Sparkling Chardonnay, £11.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A true indulgence. Both expressive and elegant, this sparkling Chardonnay is a fabulous alternative to Champagne. Pairs excellently with canapés and fish dishes.
Painted Dog Chenin Blanc Viognier, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
The best thing to complement these rich, creamy and fruity flavours is your contribution to nature; 5% of profits from every bottle sold goes to the Tusk Trust Conservation Fund to help protect South Africa’s endangered animal – the wild dog.
The Forgotten Row Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, £7.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
There’s an interesting tale behind this New Zealand wine. Wines produced in the Marlborough region are often harvested in the dark to develop a unique taste – but one night, a premium row of Sauvignon Blanc grapes was left behind. The grapes had to be harvested and vinified alone, and thus, The Forgotten Row wine was created: an exclusive white with delicious citrus and gooseberry notes.
Lebegés Grüner Veltliner, £4.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A graceful, off dry white wine with notes of citrus fruit and green herbs. The perfect refreshment for a summer evening in the garden with friends and family.
Peter Mertes Gold Edition Mosel Riesling, £5.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A full bodied and well balanced German Riesling with a mellow acidity. A wonderful accompaniment for fish dishes, asparagus or Aldi’s French brie (99p).
 Nonius Chardonnay Feteasca, £5.29 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A literal translation from Romanian meaning ‘royal maiden’. This light and elegant white is incredibly drinkable and proves a delightful match with seafood.
 The Restless Wine Merchant Wrattonbully Shiraz, £8.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
This deep and chewy red is produced by winemaker Adam Eggins in Australia’s South East Wrattonbully. The region’s World Heritage-listed geology, rich soils and elevated vineyards all combine to create the perfect climate to harvest these grapes, creating an incredibly powerful and distinctive flavour.
 UVA Pirata Petit Verdot, £8.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
Get a taste for adventure and follow in the footsteps of Fernando Freire, a fearless wine explorer, who was renowned for searching far and wide to find the perfect blend of French and Spanish grape. The Uva Pirata Petit Verdot is a unique and highly exciting wine, a true reflection of the legend of Freire.
 Fourth Dimension Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir, £8.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
Produced by one of Australia’s top winemakers, this Pinot Noir won’t disappoint. A clean and voluptuous wine with hidden spicy depths. Enjoy with poached salmon or a rich, braised duck breast.
Berton Vineyard Durif, £7.49 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
An intensely dark and juicy red from an exotic Australian grape variety. With hints of blackberry, anise and smoky liquorice, this red is sure to tick all your boxes if you’re a big Shiraz fan. 
Amigo Secreto Organic Syrah-Carignan, £7.49 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A ruby red organic wine with fresh cherry aromas – the perfect red to accompany long summer nights.
Exquisite Collection Hawke’s Bay Merlot Blend, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
This classic Bordeaux blend is back by popular demand, and it’s not hard to understand why. An elegant red with notes of smooth cassis fruit, plums, dark cherries, cedar and spicy chocolate.
Valle Hermoso Cabernet Franc Gran Reserva, £7.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A premium pick of grapes from Chilean vineyards – this rich and chocolatey red is an instant hit with all. This unique wine deserves to be matched with Aldi’s olives and antipasti rustic platter (£1.29).
 Black Star, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A sophisticated, premium blend with a rich mouth feel. An unfiltered wine creates a dense texture and aroma, so decanting prior to drinking is recommended. This wine is perfectly suited to roasts, spicy food and hearty red meats.
 Grand Sud French Merlot, £6.99 (1l)
Available in store only
An excellent price for an excellent Merlot. Soft and easy-drinking with red fruits and black cherry aromas: bring this litre of wine to a BBQ and you’re sure to make lots of new friends!
Old Vines Garnacha, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A floral, medium bodied Garnacha with a colourful past. This wine is dedicated to an (ex) Monk, El Casetero, who devoted his life to grapes and good-living in the thirteenth century. An exquisite drink and  a history lesson - what’s not to love?!
 Punta de Lobos Carménère Gran Reserva, £7.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
A premium and intense red as luscious as its origin in Chile, blended from a grape variety indigenous to South America.
 Calla Magna Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon, £7.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
This ruby red has a long, persistent finish and is best devoured slowly. Tasteful notes of eucalyptus and chocolate makes this the ultimate treat after a long day.
 Fleurs de Prairie Côtes de Provence Rosé, £6.99 (75cl)
Available in stores and online
When it comes to rosé, Aldi knows it’s stuff. Its Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé caught attention of thousands across the world after winning a silver at the International Wine Challenge – the ‘Oscars’ of the wine trade. The rosé sold out almost instantly but Aldi is launching a new wine to take its place. The Fleurs de Prairie Côtes de Provence Rosé comes in a beautifully elegant bottle, with hints of red fruits balanced with citrus and white peach. Its floral design makes it the perfect accessory for al fresco dining both in aesthetic and taste.
Available in stores and online, all wines cost under £12 and are part of the Specialbuys range, meaning when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!
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