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11 Aug 2017

Looking to see out the Summer on a healthy high? Look no further than Aldi’s Team Sports range, available online and in stores from 31st August. The range caters for all kinds of outdoor activities, whether it’s family-friendly games or advanced workouts.
Those hoping to tone up will love the Resistance Belt (£14.99), great for helping stretch and strengthen muscles. Likewise, Aldi’s Speed Chute (£9.99) -  a parachute designed for resistance training - is another great-value piece of equipment that can help improve both strength and speed.
Fitness-fanatics can improve their agility and stamina with the Training Ladder (£5.99) and Cone Hurdle Set (£5.99), perfect for drills to get the heart pumping. Or, set up team games using Aldi’s quality Relay Football (£8.99) and Training Cones (£9.99) - perfect for kids and adults alike.
The Team Sports range will be available in stores nationwide and online from 31th August, but be quick because, as with all Specialbuys, once it's gone it's gone!
Aldi’s Team Sports range will be in stores from 31st August and online from 24th August, available while stocks last
Description Price
Resistance Belt £14.99
Speed Chute £9.99
Training Cones £9.99
Relay Football £8.99
Training Ladder £5.99
Cone Hurdle Set £5.99
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