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29 Nov 2017

When you’re busy catering to your baby’s every need, stocking up on your own daily essentials is less of a priority. Next time you find yourself low on your favourite beauty essentials, why not think twice about your trusted baby product stash? From baby wipes, baby shampoo and cotton wool pads, Aldi Mamia’s core range not only contains everything you need for your little one, but will also rival your beauty must haves too – at a fraction of the price!
Mamia Baby Shampoo, 79p for 500ml - Make-up Brush Cleaner
This mild, tear-free formula is a perfect staple for newborns and is formulated with vitamin E to gently nourish skin and hair. We say, if it’s gentle enough for babies, you can definitely trust Mamia Baby Shampoo on your favourite make-up brushes as well. Get your tools of the trade squeaky clean in seconds with this forgotten hero. Parents using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (500ml) will find themselves spending 65% more, so why not switch to Aldi Mamia and make the saving?1
Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes, 55p for 64 Pack - Handbag/Baby Bag Essential
Any mum knows that baby wipes are the ultimate all-rounder and wouldn’t leave the house without them. And, not only are they a must-have for dirty faces and sticky fingers, they’re also great for removing make-up smudges. Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes 64 pack (55p) contain a dermatologically tested lotion with natural Aloe Vera and Chamomile, making them a gentle yet effective cleanser.  And there are savings to be made...
Parents buying Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes 56 pack, £1.50 could make a 63% saving every shop if they switched to Aldi Mamia – and would get eight more wipes, making your money go even further.2
Lacura Cotton Wool Pads, 69p for 200 - Nail Varnish Essential
Priced at 69p for 200 equating to only 0.3p each, these handy little lifesavers are both a baby and beauty must-have. Useful to help keep your little ones clean, these thicker and absorbable pads are also ideal for helping remove nail varnish and tougher makeup. Get more for your money with the twin-pack, and make sure you take these toiletry essentials wherever you go.
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