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07 Dec 2017

Christmas is a magical time of year full of festive spirit, food and fun. But, with cooking duties often falling to a select one or two, the picture perfect magical day that was imagined can go from calm to carnage. But, that need not be the case as this year, discount supermarket Aldi is delighted to present a carefully curated range of festive foods that take the fuss out of cooking to ensure a stress-free Christmas which can be enjoyed by all.
Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, comments: “At Aldi we believe the festive season should be relaxing and enjoyable whether you’re the guest or the chef. To help customers achieve this, we have created a range of exceptional quality and value products that will help keep stress to a minimum this Christmas.”  
Seafood Starters
Starters will not cause stress or worry with these delicious options:
Aldi’s Specially Selected Shellfish Platter (£9.99) is a seafood lover’s delight with Orkney Crab Pâté, Scottish Salmon Flakes, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Prawns and Marinated Squid Rings to choose from and enjoyed with the accompanying Marie Rose dip. Simply display on a plate, place in the middle of the table and let the rest take care of itself. (Available in store from the 19th December)
Aldi’s French styled Specially Selected Fish and Seafood Verrines (£3.49) are the perfect statement starter and would not look out of place in a Michelin starred restaurant. Presented in stylish verrine glasses, these fish and seafood delicacies are available in two choices – luxury oak-roasted smoked salmon layered with beetroot pickle, prawns and oak-roasted smoked salmon flakes or luxury crab and prawn, with crab pâté, a creamy soft cheese crème fraiche mousse and topped with prawns.
(Available in store from 31st October)
The Main Event
Whether you’re serving turkey, beef or vegetarian, Aldi has plenty of low prep options to keep things calm in the kitchen:
Aldi’s Specially Selected Stuffed Turkey Parcel (£8.99) is topped with bacon and wrapped around delicious parcels of sage and shallot stuffing or cranberry and thyme stuffing with an orange and prosecco glaze. One of the biggest worries when it comes to the main course is storage space, but this delicious main comes frozen, leaving plenty of room in the fridge for other festive treats. (Available in store from 3rd October)  
Specially Selected British Beef Chateaubriand with Red Wine Sauce (£9.99) is 21-day matured and expertly hand-trimmed for supreme tenderness and flavour. The cook from frozen cooking instructions mean you simply place in oven and cook for the required time. What could be easier? (Available in store from 3rd October)
Cater for the vegetarians or flexitarians on the dinner table with Aldi’s Specially Selected Vegetable Nut Roast (£3.49). Choose from Beetroot & Brie with a cranberry sauce centre or Root Vegetable, Quinoa & Cheddar with a red onion marmalade centre. (Available in store from the 21st November)
Simple Sides
Aldi’s Specially Selected Rainbow Vegetables (£1.99) is a pre-prepared dish containing Chantenay carrots, purple carrots, red onion and parsnips tossed in butter with thyme. No peeling or chopping of vegetables required, simply place in the oven. (Available in store from the 19th December).
Specially Selected British Outdoor Bred Pork Sausages Wrapped in Bacon (£2.19) reduces the need for fiddly wrapping of bacon round sausages. (Available in store from the 1st December)
For even less peeling and chopping try Aldi’s Specially Selected Roast Potatoes in Goose Fat (£1.79).  They’re pre-cut, seasoned and ready to go straight in the oven! (Available in store from the 19th December)
Dazzling Deserts
Missed that crucial moment three months ago when you planned to make your own Christmas cake? Fear not for Aldi has this dazzling selection of pre-prepared Christmas puddings:
Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Jewelled Cake (£8.49) is made with Bellucci Amaretto liqueur and topped with a trio of cherries, almonds and brazil nuts and sliced apricots.  It comes ready to serve and ready to eat and is available in store from 14th November.  
Aldi’s Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Pudding (£7.89) is a gloriously sticky pudding made with the finest vine fruits, cherries and pecans, steeped in stout, port, brandy and drenched in orange liqueur. A dazzling dessert that will amaze your guests. (Available in store from the 15th October)
On sale from 19th December, Aldi’s Specially Selected Festive Tiffin (£9.99 for 600g) is here to steal the show. The tipsy tiffin bar is made with Californian raisins soaked in lashings of dark rum, Morello cherries and biscuit balls, smothered in luscious Belgian milk chocolate and finished with a shimmering gold lustre. This stand out dessert is just waiting to be photographed!
Worthy of centre stage, Aldi’s hand finished Specially Selected Exquisite Chocolate Robin, is new to the Christmas range for 2017. The beautiful handcrafted Specially Selected Exquisite Chocolate Robin, made using the finest chocolate, hazelnut praline and honeycomb, has been designed and made exclusively for Aldi by a team of award-winning master chocolatiers who specialise in creating exceptional luxury chocolates. Slice and share this stunning centrepiece for a truly exquisite Christmas extravagance. (Great price in store, on sale from 7th December).
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