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26 Jan 2018

This month, Aldi is launching a selection of organic, low sulphur and low alcohol tipples to tap into the desires of health-conscious wine drinkers. From a spicy organic red to a refreshing Fairtrade Chenin Blanc, the seven-strong collection features an array of different styles to suit those looking for a low ABV wine and ecologically aware wine fans.
Craft & Origin Gluten Free Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (£1.99, 25cl)
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
A lively red wine bursting at the seams with ripe fruit flavours of cherry, plum and dark chocolate. Ideal with a burger in a (gluten free) bap.  
Craft & Origin Organic Red (£1.99, 25cl)
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
A sweetly fruity and vibrant red wine with a saucy kick. Great to enjoy with a spicy curry.
Craft & Origin Fairtrade Chenin Blanc Grenache (£1.99, 25cl)
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
A massively refreshing and juicy white wine with a bounty of tropical, apple and citrus flavours. Sip this cold, on its own, or alongside a free-range chicken dish.
Craft & Origin Moscato Rose (£1.99, 25cl) – Low Alcohol
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
Carefree, fizzy and wild - this rosé is low in alcohol but high on taste. Serve chilled.
Origin Pure No Sulphur Added Cabernet Sauvignon (£5.69, 75cl)
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
This beautiful red wine from South Africa holds classic notes of blackberries, which dominate both the nose and the palate. Unlike virtually all wines produced, this one is made without the addition of any sulphites, making it as nautral and pure as it gets.
Frizzante Rosé (£3.49, 75cl)
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
A light and refreshing sparkling rosé, with an ABV of just 5.5%. Hailing from the region of Valencia, Spain, it has a sweet, luscious berry and rosewater aroma and is a fantastic companion to any dessert.
 Featherweight White Zinfandel (£2.99, 75cl) –  Low Calorie
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
The Featherweight White Zinfandel is an expertly crafted blend using Californian White Zinfandel grapes, with a beautifully natural, vibrant pink colour and luscious, fresh strawberry aromas. The wine has a lively, full flavour of fruit juices. At only 5.5% ABV, it is the perfect aperitif and a great companion to fruity desserts. Per 125ml serving, the wine contains just 57 calories.
 Featherweight Italian Pinot Grigio (£2.99, 75cl) –  Low Calorie
Available in-stores nationwide from 22nd January 2018
This Featherweight Italian Pinot Grigio includes the finest Italian grapes and features a typical straw yellow colour. The wine has fresh, crisp citrus notes with white peach aromas, as well as a full flavour with lasting finish. At only 5.5% ABV, it pairs beautifully with a light salad or seafood dish.  Per 125ml serving, it contains just 52 calories.
80 Acres Carbon Neutral Shiraz Viognier 2015 (£5.69, 75cl) – Carbon Neutral
Available in-stores and online nationwide now
This delicious red has plum and blackberry flavours, coupled dark chocolate notes and a lusty finish that will keep drinkers satisfied for longer.
80 Acres Carbon Neutral Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2015 (£5.69, 75cl) – Carbon Neutral
Available in-stores and online nationwide now
This luscious shiraz merlot is made from three classic red grapes: cabernet, shiraz and merlot. With an underlying  hint of dark chocolate and blackcurrant aromas, this wines velvety finish makes it an indulgent pairing to red meats.
For further information, images or to request a sample, please contact the Aldi BWS team on:
020 7479 0910

Notes to editors:
Aldi is the UK’s fastest growing and fifth largest supermarket with over 750 stores and over 30,000 employees.
The company has more than doubled its market share since 2010. In the 12 weeks ended 31/12/2017, Aldi grew sales by 16.8% and has a 6.8% share of the market (Kantar Worldpanel data).
Aldi is attracting hundreds of thousands of new customers every year with its award-winning range of exclusive brands, passing low operating costs on to customers in the form of low prices.
In 2018 Aldi will open 70 new stores and by 2022 will operate over 1,000 stores.
The company’s current achievements and initiatives include:
·         Aldi is the UK’s highest paying supermarket. Store Assistants will receive a minimum hourly rate of £8.85 nationally and £10.20 in London from 1st February 2018. This is significantly higher than the Government’s National Living Wage and also above the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended national rates.
·         Aldi’s investment in people was recognised at the Grocer Gold Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement and practice across the grocery sector – Aldi was crowned ‘Employer of the Year’ 2017.
·         Aldi has a five year partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust – its fundraising target of £5m will go towards helping the trust to reach out to every young person with cancer in the UK.
·         Aldi is the highest ranked supermarket in the Institute of Customer Services’ UK Customer Satisfaction Index 2017.
·         Aldi launched its eCommerce platform in January 2016, selling a range of high quality wines and Specialbuys – receiving approximately over 11,000 orders per week.
·         Aldi is the official supermarket partner of Team GB, and has extended this commitment to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
·         Aldi is the lowest priced supermarket in the UK and 15.2% cheaper than its nearest competitor (The Grocer 33, published 24th August 2017).
·         In 2017, for the fourth consecutive year Aldi was ranked the best-performing supermarket for compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, underlining its commitment to maintaining fair, predictable and sustainable prices within its supply chain.
·         Research from the Centre for economics and business research (Cebr) showed that the value of Aldi’s relationships with UK suppliers will increase by £2.2bn during the next five years to £6.7bn in 2022. Additionally, in 2016 Aldi supported 146,000 direct and indirect jobs in the UK and this figure is set to rise to 205,000 by 2022.  
Full details of Aldi’s awards and achievements are detailed at
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