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Back to British: British strawberries set to hit Aldi this week
21 Feb 2018

  • Aldi to offer the first punnets of British Strawberries of the year
  • Residents of Bridgend to be the first in the UK to enjoy British strawberries
  • First handpicked yield to be delivered to store tomorrow 
After a long winter, Brits will be pleased to know that spring is in sight with the first arrival of fresh, British grown strawberries, which will be available to buy at the Bridgend store tomorrow - three months before the traditional start of the season. 
The extended British season has been made possible with milder weather, brighter and longer days and advanced growing techniques from suppliers.  These conditions have made it possible for Aldi customers to enjoy British Strawberries earlier than ever before.
Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director for Corporate Buying at Aldi comments: “Aldi is committed to supporting British suppliers, so it’s always a celebrated milestone when we can offer customers exceptional quality, British grown strawberries.”
Punnets of Aldi’s Natures Pick British Strawberries (£2.79, 227g) will be available in the Bridgend store tomorrow with availability increasing throughout spring.
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