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22 Feb 2018

Supermarket Aldi has chocolate covered this Easter with a delicious and creative selection of eggs and treats for the younger members in the family. With prices starting at just 65p, mums and dads can treat everyone without breaking the bunny bank this Easter.
For a creative and fun twist, check out the Curious Inventions Easter Egg (£2.99, 200g), the perfect pick for the bigger kids this Easter. Choose from a milk chocolate egg infused with Popping Candy, Rocky Road or this year’s new addition, Honeycomb. On sale from 18th February.
For a truly enjoyable Easter treat, stock up on Dairyfine’s Eggjoyables (£1.59, 144g), chocolate eggs with delicious sweet fluffy fillings. Choose from Milk Cream or Chocolate Mousse and crack open to enjoy. In store now.
For the little ones who enjoy little bites of chocolate, give them the joy of Dairyfine’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (65p, 128g). You can have your creamy milk chocolate egg with buttons or mini eggs, the choice is yours. Available from 18th February.  
Impress the kids – young and old - with this Giant Chocolate Easter bunny (£3.99, 450g). This delicious milk chocolate bunny shaped treat, is decorated with white and dark chocolate and is available in stores from 18th February.
Spread a little farmyard joy with Aldi’s Hollow Easter Egg Characters (£1.99, 150g). These cute animal figures are made with delicious milk chocolate. Choose from Pete the pig, Charlie chick or Lucy Lamb. A lovely surprise for the little ones this Easter. Available from 18th February.  
For a special, shiny treat, give the gift of a Choceur Chocolate Bunny (79p, 100g). These wonderfully famous chocolate Easter bunnies come in Milk, White or Dark chocolate varieties, so there’s something to please everyone! On sale now.
For mini versions of our famous chocolate bunnies, check out Aldi’s Choceur Mini Bunnies (£1.49, 50g). These delicious milk chocolate bunnies are the perfect bitesize bundle of sweetness. On sale now.
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