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Aldi introduces half bottles
16 Mar 2018

Looking to enjoy a midweek drink without cracking open a full bottle? Fear not, shoppers can now enjoy one of Aldi’s half bottles of wine for that weekday treat.
The bottle provides two generous servings of wine, ideal for couples having a night in. From great-value Pinot Grigio to sumptuous reds, the supermarket has something for everyone, starting from only £2.99.
Julie Ashfield, Joint Managing Director of Corporate Buying at Aldi says: “Our new half bottle sized wines (37.5cl) launched in stores in January and are proving to be really popular with our shoppers. Available in three grape varieties, including a crisp Pinot Grigio, a light-bodied Pinot Noir and a sumptuous Malbec, they provide the drinker with two large glasses of wine, perfect for a couples’ night in.
“With more and more consumers opting for a healthier lifestyle, they are a great way to still enjoy a midweek tipple with dinner, without needing to open a whole 75cl bottle of wine.”
Pinot Grigio 2017 (£2.99, 37.5cl) – Available in stores now
Delicate and crisp, this delicious Romanian Pinot Grigio balances aromas of citrus fruit and peaches with refreshingly fruity green apple and pear flavours that create a long-lasting taste. Enjoy this wine with summer salads, seafood or chicken dishes.
Pinot Noir 2017 (£2.99, 37.5cl) Available in stores now
This light-bodied Romanian red wine is the ideal option for those looking for a delicate red. Characterised by its unique combination of violet and spice aromas against its summer fruits flavours, the result is a smooth and velvety red wine. Pair this with roast chicken, game, and pork dishes for the ultimate taste combination.
Malbec 2017 (£2.99, 37.5cl) – Available in stores now
A deep and rich Chilean Malbec with a silky finish, this wine had sumptuous plum and black cherry notes and cocoa aromas pair perfectly with rich casseroles and BBQ’d meats.
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