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19 Mar 2018

With Easter all but a hop and a skip away, customers will be excited to hear that supermarket Aldi have released the prices for their Easter Super 6 and the results are bountiful!
The Super 6 Easter fresh vegetables will all be available at the unbeatable price of just 29p, in stores across the UK, from Wednesday 28th March - just in time for the Easter weekend!
  • Maris Piper Potatoes - £0.29 for 2.5kg
  • Parsnips - £0.29 for 600g
  • Swede - £0.29 each
  • Leeks - £0.29 for 500g
  • Carrots - £0.29 for 1kg
  • Red/White Cabbage - £0.29 each

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