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25 May 2018

Supermarket Aldi is celebrating the people willing to grab life by the trolley handles and give new things a go, with a nationwide hunt to find the nation’s favourite hobbies.
Surprisingly, Aldi’s Specialbuys survey found millennials, who are renowned for being the thrill-seeker generation, would rather try their hands at more sedate past times that would traditionally be associated with an older generation, such as gardening (25%), crafting (17%) and caravanning (15%).
The nation’s love affair with Mary Berry continues as baking is currently the top hobby undertaken by Millennials (49%) and rated  as being more popular than going to the gym (40%). The same age group also list fishing (17%) and sewing (20%) as hobbies they enjoy, according to Aldi’s  Specialbuys research.
On the other hand to Millennials, thrill-seeking pensioners are desperate to try out more extreme pursuits (53%) with their bucket lists including: flying a plane (20%), scuba diving (14%), jet skiing (9%) and hang gliding (9%). It’s not just the older generation that are keen to give new experiences a whirl - jet skiing came out top overall, and if cost was no issue sky diving, flying a plane and car racing are all new hobbies shoppers would like to try.
Aldi’s Specialbuys experts looked into the UK’s favourite hobbies to celebrate the launch of its new TV ‘Specialbuy-ers’ ad, which shows what happens when shoppers encounter Aldi’s Specialbuys aisles. These have-a-go heroes are seen trying out things exuberantly and enthusiastically, not always with 100% success, but with energy and spirit that perfectly encapsulates the Specialbuys brand.
Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, comments: “Our Specialbuys offering is what makes Aldi so unique, and with two thirds of the nation desperate to take up a new hobby, we are excited to be able to help our shoppers in a quest to becoming a ‘Specialbuy-er’.

“We found that over 56% of people think cost is a huge factor when deciding to take up a new hobby, however with our Specialbuys offering every Thursday and Sunday, our customers can always find exciting and affordable products to discover on our shelves. We are proud to be able to make every day an amazing day, for our customers.”
Aldi’s research also found that men are more likely to spend the most on taking up hobbies, as they spend £73.66 a month versus women who spend just £50.36. This comes as no surprise as 14% of men supposedly take up a hobby for some ‘me-time’. 26-35-year olds unashamedly take part in order to keep up appearances on social media as it provides them with Instagramable fodder, whilst 12% of Millennials do it to make sure they are seen to be ‘on-trend’.
The UK’s Top 10 Hobbies
  1. Gardening
  2. Baking
  3. Swimming
  4. Hiking/walking
  5. DIY
  6. Gym based sports (weights, yoga, pilates, etc)
  7. Camping
  8. Growing vegetables
  9. Drawing/painting
  10. Cycling
The UK’s Top 10 Extreme Pursuits Bucket List
  1. Jet skiing
  2. Flying a plane
  3. Car racing
  4. Segway riding
  5. Sky diving
  6. Scuba diving
  7. Skiing
  8. Water skiing
  9. Horse riding
  10. Bungee jumping
Notes to editors:
Aldi is the UK’s fifth largest supermarket with over 750 stores and over 30,000 employees.
The company has more than doubled its market share since 2010. In the 12 weeks to 22nd April, Aldi grew sales by 7.7% and has a 7.3% share of the market (Kantar Worldpanel data).
Aldi is attracting hundreds of thousands of new customers every year with its award-winning range of exclusive brands, passing low operating costs on to customers in the form of low prices.
In 2018 Aldi will open 70 new stores and by 2022 will operate over 1,000 stores.
 The company’s current achievements and initiatives include:
  • Aldi is currently the UK’s highest paying supermarket. Store Assistants receive a minimum hourly rate of £8.85 nationally and £10.20 in London. This is significantly higher than the Government’s National Living Wage and also above the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended national rates.
  • Aldi’s investment in people was recognised at the Grocer Gold Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement and practice across the grocery sector – Aldi was crowned ‘Employer of the Year’ 2017.
  • Aldi was named Britain’s favourite supermarket in the Which? 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey voted for by UK shoppers, replacing Waitrose, which held this position for the previous three years. The survey said Aldi topped the rankings thanks to its ‘fantastic value for money combined with quality products’.
  • Aldi has a five-year partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust – its fundraising target of £5m will go towards helping the trust to reach out to every young person with cancer in the UK. 
  • Aldi launched its eCommerce platform in January 2016, selling a range of high quality wines and Specialbuys – receiving approximately over 11,000 orders per week.
  • Aldi is the official supermarket partner of Team GB and ensures every member of the team has access to fresh healthy Aldi food via monthly shopping vouchers, and that 1.2 million 5-14 year olds will learn about the benefits of cooking fresh, healthy food via its Get Set to Eat Fresh education initiative. Aldi has been a partner since 2015 and extended its commitment to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
  • Aldi is the lowest priced supermarket in the UK (The Grocer 33, published 13th January 2018).
  • In 2017, for the fourth consecutive year Aldi was ranked the best-performing supermarket for compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, underlining its commitment to maintaining fair, predictable and sustainable prices within its supply chain.
  • Research from the Centre for economics and business research (Cebr) showed that the value of Aldi’s relationships with UK suppliers will increase by £2.2bn during the next five years to £6.7bn in 2022. Additionally, in 2016 Aldi supported 146,000 direct and indirect jobs in the UK and this figure is set to rise to 205,000 by 2022.   
 Full details of Aldi’s awards and achievements are detailed at
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