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15 Jun 2018

Counting down the days to get outdoors this summer? On the 21st June, Aldi is bringing back it’s must-have Stand Up Paddle Board Set, available exclusively online for just £249.99.  

A fun and low impact way to explore calm seas and peaceful lakes, this Stand Up Paddle Board Set includes everything needed to have a great time on the water.
Easy to pack, carry and store, it even includes an inflatable seat which, when inflated, turns the paddleboard into a kayak - ideal for first timer paddlers.
The set also contains a variety of accessories, including a paddle with detachable options, repair kit, pump, carry bag and detachable fin. The board has an anti-slip surface and a comfortable safety leash for added stability.
Water babies can save up to 60% when compared to a similar set from iRocker which retails at £625.00.
Aldi Stand Up Paddle Board Set iRocker Kayak Bundle
£249.99 £625.00
Total Savings: £375.01 (60%)
Aldi’s Stand Up Paddleboard Set is available as an online exclusive on, from 21st June, but remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Product Description Price
Stand Up Paddle Board Set £249.99
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