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01 Aug 2018

From Thursday 9th August, Supermarket Aldi’s Italian Specialbuy range will be in store, with prices starting at just 75p! From amazing pasta variations to delicious balsamic vinegar, these mouth-watering Italian ingredients are bound to be a hit at the dinner table this summer. But, be quick, as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Prepare a delicious pasta dish using one of the many types of pasta on offer including Aldi’s Organic Spinach Trottole (£1.49), a delicious pasta resembling the shape of spinning tops and made with 100% durum wheat. For a bit of variation try the Cucina Gourmet Egg Pasta (£1.39) - available in a variety of shapes, including Armoniche, Capricci or Gemelli.
For those who prefer their pasta bigger, Aldi’s Specially Selected Large Pasta (£1.29) is bound to satisfy with larger than life versions of Lumaconi and Pappardelle, perfect for soaking up a delicious, creamy or tomato sauce. 
Why not serve them with Aldi’s Specially Selected Pasta Sauce (99p) or Napolina Chopped Tomatoes (75p), or for a quick and easy weekday meal, try a Dolmio Tray Bake in Italian herbs and garlic flavour for just 99p.  
If risotto is your Italian dish of choice, then look no further as Aldi are also stocking Arborio Rice (£1.69) – perfect for making a tasty risotto dish. For a twist on the Italian classic, try Aldi’s Tropical Beef Risotto.
You can also pick up a bottle of Aldi’s Premium Balsamic Vinegar (£2.49), perfect drizzled on a refreshing tomato salad or for dipping fresh bread. Grab Aldi’s Salad Tomatoes alongside some Italian Mozzarella (49p) for an authentic Italian inspired salad.
If you prefer pizza instead, check out Aldi’s amazing Specially Selected Pizzas for just £3.29, in stores across the UK all year round! From Semi-Dried Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella to Limited Edition Smoky BBQ Beef, these pizzas are hand-stretched with a light sourdough base, and they’re delizioso! Meat lovers can rejoice with Limited Edition Chicken & Chorizo, Italian Ham, Portobello Mushroom & Mascarpone and Spicy Salami!
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