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31 Aug 2018

This September, students all over the country will be preparing to head off to University, some for the first time. Living on a student budget can be a tricky balance to strike, with 78% of students saying that they worry about making ends meet 1, which is why supermarket Aldi is here to help!

There are plenty of ways to help university students save a little here and there and Aldi have  some top tips for making the most of shopping:

• Buying in bulk can be an effective way of saving and getting the most out of ingredients. Staples like pasta and rice will keep for a long time.
• Splitting the cost of essential groceries with flatmates is also a good way to avoid food wastage and opens the door to collaborative cooking!
• Meal planning can help students stick to their budget and get the most out of the ingredients by finding different ways to repurpose ingredients
• Making the most of regular offers is a no brainer! While Aldi always offers incredible value across their entire range, they also offer deals on fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh meats as part of the Super 6 and Fresh Meat Offers. What’s more, weekly themed Specialbuys can range from Mexican inspired products to Italian, so there’s plenty of opportunity to mix it up and try new things.
• Whip up your own fakeaway rather than spend money on a takeaway! Check out these step by step video recipes on how to create the perfect fakeaway pizza, korma and stir-fry – they’re easy to make and easy on the budget, so there’s no need to fork out for an expensive takeaway when you can recreate your favourites using ingredients at home!

We’ve put together a typical student shop below for just £19.81 to show how Aldi can really help you save the pennies.  You’ll be amazed at how far your money can go with supermarket Aldi!

Cupboard Essentials  Product  Price
Baked Beans                  Everyday Essentials Baked Beans - 420g  £0.23
Tuna                               Tuna Chunks In Spring Water - 160g  £0.75
Chopped Tomatoes        Everyday Essentials Chopped Tomatoes - 400g £0.29
Pasta                              Everyday Essentials Penne - 500g £0.30
Rice                                Everyday Essentials Long Grain Rice - 1kg  £0.45
Cooking Oil                     Vegetable Oil – 1L £1.09
Tea                                 Red Label 160 Tea Bags - 500g £1.25
Luxury Staples        Product  
Pizza                         Specially Selected Tomato & Mozzarella Pizza - 560g  £3.29
Fajita Kit                    Hot Fajita Dinner Kit - 500g  £1.25
Pesto                         Specially Selected Pesto 190g  £0.99
Granola                     Specially Selected Granola (Nutty/Berry) - 500g £1.79
Pasta Sauce              Specially Selected Pasta Sauces - 340g  £0.99
Fresh produce    Product  
Bananas               Bananas (5 Pack) £0.88
Apples                  Royal Gala Apples (6 Pack) £1.19
Peppers                Mixed 3 Pack Peppers  £0.91
Onions                  Brown Onions- 1kg £0.53
Mince meat           Beef Mince 12% Fat 500g £2.19
Chicken                Chicken Breast Fillets 300g £1.55

Students can find their nearest Aldi with our handy Store Finder and start saving on groceries from day one!




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