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05 Oct 2018

At supermarket Aldi, it’s scary how much you can save on Halloween treats, but are you brave enough to get into the true trick or treat spirit with a game of jelly bean roulette?
In store from Thursday 4th October, Aldi’s Halloween Jelly Beans (99p) include a sneaky mix of both gruesome and delicious flavours. You’ll be treated to blackberry, cherry, blueberry, cola and vanilla or tricked into onion, chilli, pepper, rotten eggs and ginger! Whatever your little monsters pick, you can be sure Aldi’s Halloween treats will be a frightening success!  
Fill up your trick or treat box with Aldi’s spooktacular offers all for under £1.00!
  • Halloween Mallows – 99p
  • Halloween Lollies – 99p
  • Chocolate Shapes (spooky ghosts, eyeballs or pumpkins) – 49p

Or for under £3.00, choose to have Pumpkin Tub Sweets £2.99 at your doorstep to greet trick or treaters as they arrive! Remember to stock up fast - as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone they’re gone!
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