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12 Oct 2018

 Whether your favourite Christmas tipple is prosecco, gin, whisky or rum, alcohol-infused food has become increasingly popular at Christmas. From a whisky infused smoked salmon starter to espresso martini ice cream for dessert, supermarket Aldi promises to fizz up the festive season and bring an extra shot of cheer to your Christmas table this year.
Choose from an outstanding range of foods for every festive occasion:
Specially Selected Topped Side of Salmon: Celebrate Christmas in style with a succulent cut of salmon topped with Lemon & Herb or Lightly Smoked with Prosecco, Cranberry and Orange.
On sale now, £10.99 (700g)
Specially Selected Smoked Salmon in Whisky: An appetiser with a wow, this delicate but punchy Scottish smoked salmon is infused with either whisky or treacle flavours.
On sale 19th December, £3.99 (100g)
Specially Selected All Butter Sloe Gin Mince Tarts: Kick off the festive season with these moist, all-butter mince tarts, available in sloe gin or almond.
On sale from 1st November, £2.49 (6 pack)
Specially Selected Gourmet Marshmallows: These soft gourmet marshmallows infused with prosecco & raspberry, gin & rhubarb or espresso martini are the perfect dinner party gift or late-night treat.
On sale from 1st November, £2.49 (100g)
Moser Roth Gin/Whisky Collection: These moreish mouthfuls are perfect for sharing this season, with a selection box of UTZ certified chocolates containing shots of gin or whisky flavours. On sale from 1st November, £2.99 (142g/140g)
Specially Selected Salted Caramel Vodka Pudding: What’s Christmas without pudding? This beautifully balanced dessert is so much more than a traditional Christmas pudding, infused with salted caramel vodka it comes complete with a salted caramel miniature for flambéing at the Christmas table. On sale from 1st November £6.99 (750g)
Specially Selected Premium Cheese Truckle: Save the best for last with a showstopper! Expertly made premium cheese including Wensleydale with Cranberry & Sloe Gin, Rum, Wensleydale with Raisin & Salted Caramel Fudge or Mature Cheddar with Whisky.
On sale 30th November, £3.59 (200g)
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