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ESSEX OFFICIALLY THE MOST “HALLOW-KEEN” Aldi release sales data that shows Essex buy more pumpkins than anywhere else in the UK
26 Oct 2018

Essex may be gleaming with more than just orange tans this Halloween, as supermarket Aldi reveals this area of the south east of England[i] bought more pumpkins than anywhere else in the UK last year.
These Halloween happy households invested the most across Aldi’s entire range, buying almost 25,000 of Aldi’s British grown pumpkins[ii].  That’s almost 10% more pumpkins than were bought in the Midlands[iii] - which had the second highest rate of pumpkin popularity - and 14% more than in Lincolnshire[iv] where 20,347 pumpkins were bought.
The Halloween spirit is lacking most amongst the Scots. The entirety of Scotland spent almost 70%[v] less on pumpkins than Essex and the surrounding towns in south east England last October.
Aldi’s sales data also proves that as a nation, we’re scarily prepared. Most pumpkins are bought a week in advance of Halloween with Aldi predicting this week (w.c 22nd October) to be the busiest for pumpkin sales this year.
In fact, those in the Cotswolds and the West Country areas[vi], are most prepared when it comes to pumpkin purchasing, having bought more in the first week of October 2017 than any other region.
Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: ‘Pumpkins remain a staple for Halloween celebrations all over the country and there are endless opportunities for fun with our British grown pumpkins. From carving together as a family to creating fresh and delicious meals with the leftovers, the range of Aldi pumpkins allows you to get as creative as you like. There are no scary price tags either with Aldi’s amazing value.’
Aldi’s 2018 Halloween pumpkin range includes:
  • Large pumpkins - £0.99 (that’s over 50% cheaper than Tesco’s large pumpkin[vii])
  • Monster pumpkins – £1.99
Looking for inspiration on what to do with your leftover pumpkins? Why not try these recipes ideas for fresh and delicious meals from Aldi:  
For more information, please contact the Aldi Consumer Press Office on:
T: 020 7025 6611 or E:
[i] Stats refer to locations within Aldi’s Chelmsford region
[ii] Aldi’s Chelmsford region sold 23,440 pumpkins (this includes large, monster and medium pumpkins)
[iii] Stats refer to all stores within the Aldi Atherstone region which sold 21,873 pumpkins compared to Chelmsford’s 23,440
[iv] Stats refer to all stores within the Aldi region of Goldthorpe
[v] Stats look at sales of large and monster pumpkins in the Aldi Bathgate region and large and monster pumpkins sales in the Chelmsford region. Medium pumpkins were not sold in Bathgate and therefore not included in this comparison
[vi] Stats refer to all locations within the Aldi Swindon region

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