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09 Nov 2018

Supermarket Aldi reveals the fairy tale story of 2018’s Christmas campaign
He was nearly toast after a perilous accident, but now, supermarket Aldi can announce Kevin the Carrot is back, reviving his role as the nations’ favourite Christmas hero with the campaign launching on Friday 9th November at 7pm during ITV News.
The 60 second film follows the Aldi Christmas teaser, which has been playing out to audiences over the last week. The social outpouring has further reinforced his popularity with tweets including:
'Poor #KevinTheCarrot who will save him...'
'Please @AldiUK tell me Kevin will be ok? #SaveKevin'
'Christmas isn't Christmas without Kevin. I'm so worried about him, it's been days now and Katie & the kids must be so worried too. #Savekevin'
Viewers have been left in nerve-wracking suspense, guessing whether Kevin survives after crashing his truck in treacherous conditions in the snow. Friday’s 60-second launch advert introduces a new character, Pascal the Parsnip, who is on a mission to cause misery to returning favourites Kevin, his loving wife Katie and their three children: Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper. With fatherly instincts at the root of Kevin’s bravery, he manages to overcome the perils of the Parsnip throughout the fairy tale adventure.
Award-winning actor Jim Broadbent returns to narrate the festive adventures of Kevin and his family and viewers may also recognise the soundtrack from Edward Scissorhands.
Aldi’s Christmas adverts will run throughout the festive season and will feature Kevin the Carrot re-telling well-loved bedtime fairy tales. Stories will include ‘Kevin the Carrot and Pea-nocchio’, ‘Katie the Carrot and the Fairy Cake Mother’ and ‘Kevin the Carrot and RhubarbStiltskin’.
Adam Zavalis, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: “Kevin the Carrot is loved by our customers and we felt it wouldn’t be an Aldi Christmas this year without the Carrot clan.
“Whilst Kevin gets up to more adventures, this time it’s all within the context of fairy tale stories being read to the family and each story brings to life our very best Christmas produce. From starters and turkeys to fresh meat offers and desserts, the campaign reminds our customers that with Aldi’s everyday amazing value, everyone can have a fairy tale Christmas!”
In addition to the Plush Kevin the Carrot (£3.99) and Plush Katie the Carrot (£3.99) soft toys, this year you can add to the collection with the new Pascal Parsnip soft toy (£3.99) and a Giant (metre tall) Kevin Plush (£19.99). Christmas decorations, a Kevin and Katie story book (£2.99) and novelty gift mug (£2.99) will also be available to buy from 22nd November in support of Aldi’s charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust.
Customers may also get a glimpse of the festive #KevintheCarrot trucks which will travel the country making deliveries to stores as part of Aldi’s Christmas campaign.
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