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09 Nov 2018

  • Aldi is stocking Barbie for the first time ever, just in time for Christmas
  • Shoppers can save 46% when shopping at Aldi[1]

This Christmas, Aldi will be offering shoppers the chance to pick up the most popular doll toy in history[2] as part of its biggest ever Branded Toys range.
Since making her European debut in 1961, more than one billion Barbie dolls have been sold[3]. Now, as her 60th birthday approaches, supermarket Aldi has announced two brand-new additions to its Specialbuys range - which will be available to pre-order online from Sunday 18th November and in-store from Thursday 22nd November.

What’s more, savvy shoppers save up to 46% on these popular Barbie toys when shopping at Aldi, compared to supermarket competitor Asda.[1]
Little ones can bring the Christmas magic to life by transforming Aldi’s Dolphin Magic Mermaid Barbie Doll (£14.99) from Barbie to mermaid and back again with her stylish two-in-one outfit. Barbie’s coral dolphin friend is the perfect bath-time companion, push his tail to hear him create dolphin sounds.
Kids can dive into a new adventure with Aldi’s Dolphin Magic Snorkel Barbie Doll (£14.99); her brightly coloured top and shorts change from blue to pink in warm water, revealing a fresh new look. To accompany Barbie on her journeys above and below sea level, this set includes Barbie’s water-squirting puppy and dolphin friend.
However, shoppers must be quick if they want to pick up this perfect gift, because as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone
Buyer Product Code Description Price
CM 86568 Barbie Doll 14.99
For further information, images or to request a sample, please contact the Aldi Specialbuys team on:
020 7479 0910
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