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16 Nov 2018

Supermarket Aldi has a range of Christmas puddings to satisfy everyone from the traditional pudding aficionado to the modernist looking to impress with a flavour twist.
Aldi’s Specially Selected Salted Caramel Vodka Pudding has been thoughtfully created to perfection using juicy Mediterranean sultanas, raisins, cider-laced cranberries, brandy and rum and infused with Aldi’s salted caramel vodka. This magnificent dessert comes complete with a salted caramel miniature for flambéing at the Christmas table. On sale now, £6.99 (750g).

Dressed to impress with the most opulent taste to match, the Specially Selected Golden Topped Christmas Pudding, £8.99 (907g) is a table show stopper.
Steeped in orange liqueur, brandy and port, this wonderful pudding is intricately decorated with candied orange slices, liqueur-soaked cherries, and sprinkled with gold glitter sparkle.  On sale now.
Small but mighty, the decadent Specially Selected 18-month Matured Christmas Pudding, £4.49 (454g) is perfect for an intimate dessert for two. Laced with Aldi’s XO Brandy, sherry and French cognac, this sumptuous pudding is matured for 18-months to bring out its rich flavour, and is packed with vine fruits, almonds, pecans and walnuts. On sale now.

Handcrafted using a time-honoured family recipe, the award-winning Specially Selected Exquisite Vintage Pudding (£9.99, 907g) is truly exceptional. Beautifully balanced, it contains outstanding quality ingredients including Vostizza currants, Californian raisins, Turkish sultanas and Sicilian oranges. Topped with black cherries, with hints of opulent XO Brandy, this pudding is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. On sale from 14th November.
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