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OVER HALF FACE “TURKEY TRAUMAS” THIS CHRISTMAS Aldi is encouraging the nation to beat their fears and take part in a Turkey Trial on 4th December
30 Nov 2018

  • In the run up to Christmas, 58% of UK adults planning to cook turkey for Christmas have fears about the meat
  • Yet 82% of the nation that celebrate Christmas have never practiced cooking the Christmas meal in advance
  • Top three turkey traumas were revealed as drying out the turkey, serving raw poultry or not having enough space to cook everything
  • Aldi will be providing live cooking advice from a turkey expert on Twitter on 4thDecember, aka the Turkey Trial Day
With only 23 days until Christmas, new research by supermarket Aldi reveals that over half of UK adults who are celebrating Christmas and plan to cook turkey (58%) have worries about the meat. New research carried out by YouGov has revealed the top “turkey traumas” they have for the big day are:
  1. Drying out the meat topped the list of worries (25%)
  2. Fears of serving a raw turkey (21%) AND not having enough space in the oven to cook everything (21%)
         4. Not knowing when the turkey is cooked (12%) took fourth place
5. Not knowing how long to cook the turkey for (10%) AND not defrosting the turkey in time (10%) shared the fifth place
Despite being the most highly anticipated dinner of the year, a HUGE 82% of the nation who celebrate Christmas admitted they have never practiced cooking the Christmas meal in advance. To help the big day run smoothly, Aldi is urging the nation to take part in a Turkey Trial Day on Tuesday 4th December, where nervous chefs can practice cooking the turkey and all the trimmings exactly 3 weeks before the big day*. They can also join the Twitter party hosted by Aldi and ask for advice from Aldi’s turkey expert by tagging @AldiUK and using #TurkeyTuesday.
Will and Mick Binder, the supplier of Aldi’s Specially Selected Exquisite Turkey, says: “Cooking the turkey is easy, especially if you have been practicing. If you’re after some additional expert advice, follow my top tips to ensure your turkey is as succulent and tasty as possible:
  • Take the bird out of the fridge at least 2 hours prior to cooking. If it’s too cold going into hot oven, it will affect the texture and increase cooking time
  • Use the giblets for your gravy! I place them around the bird in the roasting tin
  • Start cooking the bird breast side down – that way the juices percolate into the breast. Turn the bird half way through to ensure the skin is nice and crispy
  • Half way through the cooking, pierce the thigh right down through to the bottom. This will release more lovely juices for cooking the bird in and will also allow the heat to get in to that tricky area easily
  • Allow your cooked bird to rest and don’t cover it as it will need to release its heat. Leave it for at least 30 minutes, so factor this into your preparation timings.”
With Aldi’s range of fresh, free range turkeys hitting stores from 19th December, customers can pick up an Aldi Oakhurst frozen turkey (£9.99, 2.8-4kg) for their practice run and join the conversation @ALDIUK for tips and advice. Aldi’s deliciously fresh parsnips, carrots and potatoes are also available at amazing prices all year round, which will accompany the meat perfectly.
When it’s time to enjoy the masterpiece (or if things get a little heated in the kitchen!), a glass of Jean Bouchard Chablis, or A.O.C. Lirac for those who prefer red, will be the perfect wine to match with the turkey.
For more information, please contact the Aldi Consumer Press Office on:
T: 020 7025 6611 or E:
*Turkey Trial Day is taking place on Tuesday 4th December, exactly 3 weeks before Christmas day, as Google searches for Christmas planning (2017) saw a peak exactly 3 weeks before Christmas last year, with searches for turkey rapidly increasing across December - 2017-12-30&geo=GB&q=Christmas planning
Top five turkey traumas identified by supermarket Aldi:
  1. Drying out the meat when cooking (25%)
  2. Joint second place: Not having enough space in the oven to cook all the other elements of the Christmas meal (21%) AND undercooking the turkey (21%)
4. Not knowing then the turkey is cooked (12%)
          5. Joint fifth place: Not knowing how long to cook the turkey for according to its weight (10%) AND not defrosting the turkey in time for when it needs to be cooked (10%)
This research was commissioned by Aldi and carried out by YouGov. Total sample size was 2061 adults, of which 651 are celebrating Christmas and plan to cook turkey. Fieldwork was undertaken between 5th - 8th October 2018.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).
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