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17 Jan 2019

On a health kick this January? Then look no further than supermarket Aldi, whose wholefoods include many options from Protein Powders and Paleo Bars to Fruit & Nut Mixes and Grains. What’s more, Aldi’s wholefoods range is guilt-free on both the waist line and wallet, so head down to invest in popular superfood products for much less. For a health-packed breakfast… • Renowned for its health and antibacterial benefits Aldi’s Specially Selected Manuka Honey 5+ (£6.29 for 250g) is a store cupboard essential to help you feel ready to kick-start the New Year. Drizzle Manuka Honey over porridge, add to smoothies or simply have a spoonful each day! • Power Powders: Perfect for adding to juices and smoothies, sprinkling onto porridge and salads, or even mixing into soups and cake mix, Aldi’s The Foodie Market Powders are available all year round: o Boost salads and smoothies with Aldi’s Wheatgrass Powder (100g, £2.49). High in iron, it could help to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Blend with a smoothie, sprinkle onto soup, or stir into salad dressing for an energy boost. o Get juicing and blending with Aldi’s Spirulina Powder (£2.49, 100g) which is packed with protein and vitamin B12 to help support your immune system – much needed after an indulgent Christmas! o For a sweet treat that’s good for you, load your smoothie with a hit of Aldi’s Cacao Powder (100g, £ 1.89). Rich in Iron, Potassium, Copper and Magnesium, it could help support your immune system. Blend into a smoothie, stir into warm milk, sprinkle into yogurt or mix into creamy porridge. o Get blending or baking with Aldi’s Maca Powder (100g, £2.49), which is renowned for its mildly nutty, butterscotch flavour. The powder is a rich source of Riboflavin (vitamin B2) that can enhance energy levels. o Adding just a few tablespoons of Aldi’s Golden Omega Milled Linseed (£1.79, 250g) to your porridge, cereal, smoothies, yogurt or juice is another way to get your daily intake of fibre and Omega-3. Choose from Sesame & Summer Fruit Milled Linseed (225g) or Goji Berries, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed (225g). For a healthy swap… • At a whopping 88% less than the Tiana Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil available at Holland & Barrett, choose Aldi’s Coco Loco Coconut Oil for only £1.99 to reap the same exciting health benefits. Ideal for both culinary and cosmetic use, Aldi’s versatile Coco Loco virgin coconut oil is raw, organic and cold pressed. Perfect as a substitute to olive oil or as a natural moisturiser, Aldi’s coconut oil is a multi-talented cooking ingredient and beauty product all in one! For a healthy snack… • Try Aldi’s deliciously crunchy fruit and nut mixes for a natural source of fibre. Crammed full of healthy ingredients, The Cranberry and Raisin Mix or Fruit & Nut Tropical Trail Mix (£1.19, 300g) make for tasty snacks at any time of the day. • Aldi’s Apple & Pear or Apple & Banana Dried Raw Fruit Bars (£1.49, 150g) are made with 100% Apple, Pear and Banana. As well as being 1 of your 5-a-day and 100% vegetarian, they contain no colours, preservatives or added sugar. • Aldi’s gooey The Foodie Market bars (£1.49, 3 pack) are perfect as a tasty in-between snack. Free of gluten, milk and soya, it makes a delicious guilt-free treat for all. Available in Chocolate Chip or Peanut & Chocolate Chip. • Aldi’s The Foodie Paleo Bars (£ 1.99, 5 pack) are free from preservatives or artificial flavourings. What's more, they are gluten free and high in fibre. Choose from: Cashew Crush, Pecan Pie or Macademia & Coconut. The base for a nutritious lunch or dinner… • Aldi’s Tricolour and White Quinoa (£ 1.09, 300g) are versatile grains that are naturally low in fat and high protein. Ideal substitutes for carb-heavy pasta or rice, they can be used to enhance taste and texture in various dishes such as stews and soups. With Aldi’s amazing everyday value wholefoods range there is no excuse not to start your year on both a healthy diet and budget!
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