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07 Mar 2019

Chilli Con Carne has its own day…who knew?! The 28th February officially marks National Chilli Con Carne Day and what’s even better is that Aldi has the perfect way to celebrate with their NEW Chilli Con Carne Beef Meatballs!
Aldi’s commemorative meatballs are made with British beef and blended with red kidney beans, chilli sauce, tomatoes and red jalapenos to give them just the right amount of heat.  Aldi’s unique twist on a family favourite are sure to be a winner around the dinner table and at a purse friendly £1.99 for 350g, there’s even more to celebrate.

Look out for the additional chilli-inspired fresh meat offers in store this week, all available from 28th February:
Pick up a pack of Specially Selected Grim Reaper Sausages for only £1.99 (400g). Made with the Carolina Reaper – the hottest chilli in the world and with an average heat rating of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units – they are 400 times hotter than a Jalapeno and truly put the bang in banger!
Aldi’s NEW Breaded Chicken Roulette Bites (£2.49, 450g) are not for the faint hearted with their Russian roulette style mix of mild or fiery hot chicken bites. Best served with cooling sour cream or blue cheese sauce and enjoyed with fellow chilli lovers.

Inspired by the Mexican hot chilli pepper, Aldi’s Chipotle Pork Shoulder (£2.39, 500g) is a tender and flavourful cut of British meat, a great addition to any Sunday lunch.
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