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11 Apr 2019

For Easter, supermarket Aldi will have an incredible range of seafood on offer from classics such as Scottish Mussels and Side of Salmon to the adventurous like the Scallop & Prawn Ramekin. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed the very best at Aldi and all at everyday amazing low prices.  
To Start:
Fridays are reserved by most for fresh seafood dishes, like Aldi’s Scottish Mussels (£1.59), which are available in Garlic or with a wonderful White Wine Sauce, both available instore now. Serve with fresh Specially Selected Sourdough Loaf (£1.29, 500g) to soak up the delicious mussel broth.
Another classic….Aldi’s Smoked Salmon is sure to be popular around the dinner table. Sourced from the Atlantic and salted and smoked with beechwood, Aldi’s smoked salmon is available in store from 19th April. Choose from Fishmonger Large Smoked Salmon (£5.69, 300g).
For the more adventurous around the table, there’s the Specially Selected Scallop & Prawn Ramekin (£3.99, 240g).  Using the plumpest king prawns and Patagonian scallops, this gratin is made with Aldi’s Monsigny Brut Champagne. Available in store from 19th April.
The Main Event:
Indulge your family and friends with the pièce de résistance, the Side of Salmon (£5.99, 500g). Sourced in fresh waters, this beautifully delicately tasting piece of salmon is ready to cook and there’s enough to feed four, so plenty to go around.  Available from 19th April.
There’s also much more on offer from the Supermeat & Fish Awarded Meat & Fish Retailer of the Year including:
  • Specially Selected Lightly Smoked Scottish Salmon Fillets (£4.09, 240g)
  • Specially Selected Cod Loins (£3.99, 280g)
  •  Seabass Fillets (£3.19, 180g)
Now isn’t that fishtastic?
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