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19 Apr 2019

Aldi have beaten M&S on taste, quality, and price for their Sirloin Steak, in last night’s Supershoppers taste test on Channel 4.
At 43% cheaper than M&S, Aldi’s Specially Selected Scotch Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the best flavour. So why not take advantage of the sunny Easter weekend and treat the whole family to delicious BBQ steaks if you’re not keen on lamb this year?
Aldi’s 36 day matured steaks are matured for the longest on the market and are available at the cheapest price compared to other retailers.  
Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Corporate Buying, says, “We are delighted with the results from the Supershoppers taste test. At Aldi, we know that money alone doesn’t buy you quality and for 43% cheaper, our British, Red Tractor assured steaks have long been a customer favourite. The results do the talking, at Aldi, families can treat themselves to delicious, premium quality cuts of meat without spending a fortune.”
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