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Make your meat-loving Dad’s jaw drop this Father’s Day by presenting him with one of supermarket Aldi’s impressive celebratory steaks – including a huge 28oz meat feast and premium cuts of Wagyu.

In store from 18th June, you can be sure that the main man in your life will see in the day with a smile.

Back by popular demand is the ‘Bigger Daddy’ Extra Thick British Rump Steak.  In stores nationwide from Thursday, the whopping steak – one of the biggest steaks around (794g) – is the perfect choice for the whole family to feast on.  Available at a price you won’t believe, the £7.99 showstopper is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any celebration – but be warned, you might need to buy a bigger plate!

If you’re looking to deliver a Michelin Star menu look no further than Aldi’s premium Wagyu steak range, sure to bring a taste of luxury and fine dining to your dinner table. Renowned for its unrivalled taste and distinctive marbling you can pick up the very best from just £5.99* (227g). 

Available in four different cuts: Sirloin, Rump, Ribeye, and Fillet – choose your favourite, and get cooking:

The Specially Selected Wagyu Sirloin Steak (£6.49, 227g) is a prime lean cut of beef that is both tender and flavoursome. Tesco will sell you its 285g Sirloin Steak for £9.691 but why not treat him like the king he is and opt for Aldi’s Wagyu version for £3.20 less? Winner, winner… Wagyu steak for dinner?

Aldi’s Specially Selected Wagyu Rump Steak (£5.99, 227g) is the perfect option to give Dad a ‘well-done’ this Father’s Day. Juicy, tender and loaded with flavour. Add this to your next shop for the perfect show-stopping supper!

The Specially Selected Wagyu Ribeye Steak (£6.99, 227g) promises taste and tenderness in every bite. A regular 285g ribeye steak in Tesco will cost you £9.982, but it’s a special occasion so don’t serve Dad a regular steak this Father’s Day. Knock his socks off and go for Aldi’s luxurious Wagyu option and make a saving of over £3.

If you’re looking for exceptional quality, Aldi’s Specially Selected Wagyu Fillet Steak (£7.49, 170g) is perfectly tender, making for a melt-in-the-mouth texture. But a good steak meal isn’t complete without sides. Check out this week’s Super 6 for great deals.

A Yorkshire-based farm, Warrendale Farms, will be stocking Aldi shelves with its unique British Wagyu beef for these Specialbuys. Founded by Jim Bloom – Chairman of the British Wagyu Society – Warrendale Farms is the largest producer of British Wagyu beef, owning more than 4,000 animals across its main site and 125 partner farms around the UK. All the animals enjoy great quality living conditions and are reared for a minimum of 22 months giving it its distinctive marbling and amazing taste.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “The popularity of Wagyu Beef has increased drastically as more people discover its mouthwatering taste and texture. We’re pleased to be able to exclusively offer our British Wagyu Burger range for customers to enjoy, whilst supporting British suppliers like Warrendale Farm at the same time.”

So, give Dad a night to remember and pick up Aldi’s awesome Father’s Day Fresh Meat range. With all products available to buy from 18th June, you can be sure it won’t be a missed-steak!

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Versus Aldi – £30.75/kg

*all retails based on average pack weights

Notes to editors:
Aldi is Britain’s fifth largest supermarket with 880 stores and more than 34,000 employees.
Aldi is attracting hundreds of thousands of new customers every year with its range of exclusive brands, passing low operating costs on to customers in the form of low prices.
The supermarket believes in making every day amazing and that’s why every single day Aldi delivers on the best possible value for millions of families throughout the UK and Ireland across everything from award-winning fresh produce to world class gin.
Aldi won’t be beaten on price; consistently racks up award after award for quality; treats its suppliers with fairness and respect and recognises the responsibility of supporting valued institutions such as Team GB to demonstrate the importance of health and wellness. That’s Aldi. That’s everyday amazing. The reason they do this? Because Aldi believes that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food…it’s a right, not a privilege.
 The company’s current achievements and initiatives include:
Aldi is the UK’s lowest priced supermarket. Research released by Which? showed that Aldiis 19% cheaper, on average, than the Big Four supermarkets. It tracked the price of more than a hundred items at the UK’s eight biggest supermarkets throughout March 2020.
Aldi has a five-year partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust – its fundraising target of £5m will go towards helping the trust to reach out to every young person with cancer in the UK. 
Aldi’s rates of pay are significantly higher than the Government’s National Living Wage and also above the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended national rates. Store Assistants receive a minimum hourly rate of £9.40 nationally and £10.90 in London. 
Aldi is the official supermarket partner of Team GB and ensures every member of the team has access to fresh healthy Aldi food via monthly shopping vouchers, and that 1.2 million 5-14 year olds will learn about the benefits of cooking fresh, healthy food via its Get Set to Eat Fresh education initiative. Aldi has been a partner since 2015 and has extended its commitment to the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.
In June 2019, for the sixth consecutive year, Aldi was ranked the best-performing supermarket for compliance with the Groceries Supply Code of Practice, underlining its commitment to maintaining fair, predictable and sustainable prices within its supply chain.

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