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The festivities have started as Aldi introduces its new Ballycastle White Chocolate Flavoured Cream (£6.99 70cl) to its popular Irish Cream range. This latest addition to the supermarket’s Christmas spirit offering provides the taste sensation of everyone’s favourite, Milkybar, making it the perfect ingredient to spruce up that cosy hot cocoa we’ve all been craving.  

Available now, this elegant cream liqueur has a delicious flair of white chocolate and can not only be added to a festive cocktail or meet that chocolate craving, it can also simply be served neat with ice, or alongside seasonal fruits – and Aldi has just the recipes for it below!

If Aldi’s White Chocolate liqueur hasn’t tickled taste buds enough, then why not try the complete set? Other editions to the liqueur range include the indulgent Caramel and Hazelnut Liqueur (£6.99 70cl) and the traditional Specially Selected Irish Cream (£6.99 70cl).

Ballycastle White Chocolate Flavoured Cream, £6.99

A light yet luxurious cream liqueur with the classic flavour of cocoa butter and cream. Its warming notes of white chocolate takes the lead and is met with a vanilla and buttery aroma. Satisfy any chocolate cravings by adding the liqueur to a vanilla latte for that extra kick.

Ballycastle Caramel and Hazelnut Flavoured Cream, £6.99

This luxurious liqueur has a sweet nutty aroma, with a hazelnut flavour taking centre stage, followed by hints of rich caramel flavours – reminiscent of a buttery toffee nut latte. Embrace the indulgence by adding the Caramel and Hazelnut Liqueur to a cheeky rum cocktail or simply serve with ice for a decadent Christmas beverage.

Specially Selected Irish Cream Liqueur, £6.99

A beautiful luxurious blend of spirit and fresh dairy cream with Irish whiskey. The perfect addition to a hot chocolate for the cold, winter nights! If you simply cannot get enough of Irish Cream, Aldi has you covered and will be selling everyone’s favouriteSpecially Selected Irish Cream Liqueur in a litre size bottle for just £9.89! Merry Christmas indeed. 

Head to Aldi stores or online at now to bag yourself one of these luxe liqueurs. 

No need to look further for festive inspiration, as Aldi has a selection of mouth-watering recipes to incorporate these gorgeous liqueurs into:

‘Triple Choc Galore’

Ingredients: 25g Aldi’s Choceur instant hot chocolate drink, 3 squares of Choceur creamy dark chocolate, 3tbsp of Aldi’s White Chocolate Liqueur, 160ml boiling water, Cowbelle aerosol real dairy cream, Cinnamon

Method: Finely grate the dark chocolate and put a little to one side to sprinkle. Put the hot chocolate powder and the grated chocolate into a mug. Add in the White Chocolate Liqueur and pour over the boiling water – stir to melt. Squirt over the top with the aerosol cream. Sprinkle with the remaining grated chocolate and cinnamon, then serve!

‘Sweet and Nutty’ Hot Cocoa

Ingredients: 700ml semi skimmed milk, 300ml Cowbelle single cream, 125g Moser Roth 70% dark chocolate, 100ml Aldi’s Caramel & Hazelnut Liqueur, 25g Moser Roth Madagascan vanilla chocolate

Method: Finely chop the dark chocolate and grate the white chocolate. Put the milk and the cream into a pan and heat to almost boiling. Divide the dark chocolate between 4 glasses, adding 25ml of Aldi’s Caramel & Hazelnut Liqueur into each glass. Divide the hot milk between the 4 glasses. Stir to melt the chocolate and then sprinkle white chocolate over the top.

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