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Aldi’s new frozen food section is stuffed with scrumptious bargains to save shoppers money. Food fans will be delighted to hear not only can they save up to 40% on their frozen treats at Aldi, now they can bag new beer battered fish fingers – a supermarket first – for just 99p.

Crispy Fish Fingers
Cripsy Fish Fingers

Aldi’s new Beer Battered Fish Fingers (99p, 8 pack)arelight and crispy with golden batter on the outside and flaky fish on the inside. Ideal for those wanting to go the extra mile, without stretching on the purse strings, this satisfyingly savoury treat is the perfect upgrade to a standard fish finger – serve as a side, or in ciabatta for a posh fish finger butty!

For the more traditional amongst us, Aldi’s Crispy Fish Fingers (99p, 8 pack) are a must-have for the shopping list. A firm, family favourite, made with 100% fish fillet in a crispy batter – tasty! And shoppers can save a third on the Birdseye alternative[1] when shopping at Tesco – even tastier!

Aldi has also pulled it out of the (freezer) bag with its new Fish Bites (£1.79, 250g).Available in three delicious flavours; Panko, Salt & Pepper or Lime & Chilli. These breaded fish treats are the perfect succulent fish bite for fish fanatics.

Another delicious teatime favourite is Aldi’s Chicken Quarter Pounders (99p, 2 pack). Made with 100% chicken breast, they need just 20 minutes in the oven to turn crispy and tender.

The new range of frozen favourites are available in stores now!

[1] Birds Eye 8 Crispy Batter Fish Fingers, £1.50

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