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  • Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn, has settled the debate of what wine to drink with Christmas dinner 
  • Expert says you should pair it with plate favourite, pigs in blankets 
  • 423 million pigs in blankets are expected to be consumed on Christmas Day 

For one in six Brits, pigs in blankets are the first thing they reach for on Christmas Day1. Now, Aldi’s Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn, has said Brits should be pairing their wine with their pigs in blankets. 

The expert, who is one of only 416 Masters of Wine in the world said: “People tend to focus on the main meat or meat alternatives when it comes to wine pairings at Christmas, but there are flavours on the plate that can be more dominating – and it’s those that wine should be paired with. 

“Turkey, for example, has quite a subtle flavour. However, the other protein on your plate – pigs in blankets – have quite a distinctive taste, especially if there are additional ingredients in them, such as halloumi or caramelised onion. So, to get the most from their plate, festive shoppers might want to rethink how they pick their wine this Christmas and pair it with their pigs in blankets instead.” 

This may be music to the ears of the 29% of shoppers who say they prefer pigs in blankets to roast potatoes and the 38% who would opt for the trimming over traditional turkey1

To help shoppers make the right decision depending on their pig in blanket of choice Sam has created a handy pairings guide – because after all, she says: “There’s not one wine to suit all.” 

Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets (£2.39, 210g) with:  

Specially Selected Fleurie (NOW £6.99, WAS £9.49 – 26% SAVING -75cl) 

“Aldi’s Fleurie is made with 100% Gamay, which is a lighter and higher acidity grape varietal. The red berry fruit flavour complements the pork brilliantly, whilst the perkier acidity cuts through the fat and prepares the palate for another bite. Perfect for a traditional pig in blanket” 

Specially Selected Caramelised Onion Chipolatas Wrapped in Bacon (£2.39, 247g) with: 

Specially Selected New Zealand Pinot Gris (NOW £5.79, WAS £7.79 – 26% SAVING- 75cl)

“Caramelised onion and oaked dry cured bacon can be quite sweet, so a slightly tropical and spicy white with ripe fruit flavours is a great match – especially for this BBC Good Food award winner2.” 

Ashfields Halloumi Wrapped in Bacon (£2.99, 156g) with: 

Specially Selected Austrian Riesling (NOW £6.69, WAS £8.99 – 26% SAVING – 75cl) 

“Even though it is widely believed that red wines work better with cheese, it is the other way around – especially for mild and salty cheeses such as halloumi. Aldi’s Austrian Riesling has a fresh acidity that complements those mellow but tangy flavours.” 

Plant Menu Ultimate Plant Based Pig in Blankets with (£2.99, 228g): 

Cambalala South African Chenin Blanc (£5.19, 75cl)  

“Chenin Blanc is an extraordinarily versatile white grape and has enough oomph and stuffing to stand up to the no pork sausage. It also has a good brisk acidity level too, so it’s a win-win.” 

Ashfields Loaded Yorkshires (£3.79, 315g) with: 

Specially Selected Vinsobres (NOW £6.69, WAS £8.99 – 26% SAVING – 75cl) 

“The flavours of the pigs in blankets and stuffing will dominate the more subtle flavours of the Yorkshire pudding. A classic match is a red wine from the southern Rhone and this juicy Vinsobres – made from 60% Grenache – will be ideal!” 

Specially Selected Festive Pigs in Blankets Sourdough Pizza (£3.99, 535g) with: 

Specially Selected Toscana Rosso (£9.69, 75cl) 

“When it comes to a tomato sauce, Italian wines are very much the order of the day and the red cherry fruit flavours will be spot on – not just with the juicy sauce but also the cranberries. Winner, winner, Christmas dinner!” 

Aldi’s full selection of Christmas wines and Pigs in Blankets are available in stores now. 


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