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If you can’t handle the heat this week, supermarket Aldi is here to save the day with its array of freezer favourites. From watermelon lollies to invigorating ice blitz lollies, Aldi’s selection of hydrating snacks are inspired by well-known competitors, for a fraction of the price! Slide on down to your local store this week and bag yourself something ‘n-ice’ and cool.

Ready to rehydrate you this summer are Aldi’s Gianni’s Watermelon Ice Lollies (99p, pack of 3). Much like Rowntrees £1.90 version*, these juicy lollies are bursting with fruity flavour and are perfect for keeping you cool, for less. Only containing sixty-three calories per lolly, you don’t even have to feel guilty when indulging!

Another firm ice lolly favourite is the Twister, available in most supermarkets for £2.20*. Aldi has introduced its own version of these swirly sticks in the form of Gianni’s Mini Whirlz (£1.59, pack of 8), which look and taste just as good as the original, but for a fraction of the price. Made up of strawberry, lemon and lime-flavoured ice with hints of creamy vanilla, these lollies are both sweet and refreshing all in one.

Aldi’s Gianni’sIce Blitz lollies (99p, pack of 6) are also a freezer favourite to get your hands on this week. Modelled on the notorious Fab lollies, which cost £1.90*, these sweet treats provide a combination of strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice to keep you hydrated, a chocolate coating to satisfy your sweet tooth and lots of sugar sprinkles for that extra fun factor. At just over half the price of the original, Aldi’s budget version is even more appealing!

Topping off Aldi’s freezer favourites this week are Gianni’s Bobble Mania lollies (99p, pack of 4). Based on the Nobbly Bobbly classic, which are on sale for £1.90*, Aldi’s more affordable version might be lesser in price, but are certainly no lesser in flavour. Boasting the same strawberry and chocolate ice cream centre and covered in sweet sugar balls, this cheaper alternative will leave you just as refreshed and satisfied, with pennies to spare!


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*Tesco is selling a 4-pack of Fab ice lollies for £1.90.

*Sainbury’s is selling a 5-pack of Twisters for £2.20.

*Tesco is selling a 6-pack of Fab ice lollies for £1.90.

* Tesco is selling a 4-pack of Nobbly Bobbly ice lollies for £1.90.

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
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