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With almost a third of parents (30.2%) worried about struggling to afford meals and snacks when kids go back to school*, supermarket Aldi has the solution, with a host of options for filling breakfasts and mid-morning snacks to suit all budgets. Starting from just 32p and in stores now,Aldi has you sorted for quick-win nibbles that will keep your kids AND your wallet happy!

Kickstart your day the Aldi way

Aldi is offering a range of filling cereal options such as Cornflakes (500g) for just 50p! Say cheerio to bad mornings with Multigrain Hoops (375g) for 85p, Wheat Bisks (36 pack) for £1.59 and an extra dash of fruit with Breakfast Toppers (350g, £1.39).

Whip up a traditional slice of jam on toast, at a seriously jammy price! Aldi’s super soft Danish Loaf (400g) comes in at just 42p, whilst a jar full of oozy Strawberry, Raspberry, Seedless Raspberry or Apricot Fruit Jam (454g) is only 59p. Or, serve up a breakfast hole in one with a couple of buttery Crumpets (6 pack, 32p).

For those looking to get ready for breakfast the night before, whip up some moreish overnight oats with Organic Porridge Oats (1kg, £1.49), topped with a sprinkling of Chia Seeds (200g, £1.25), a dash of Specially Selected Maple Syrup (250ml, £3.49) and on-trend Specially Selected Maunka Honey 5+ (225g, £4.79).

If you’ve got a bit less time on your hands, Aldi’s Porridge Pots (50g/57g, 32p) will serve up Original Oats or Golden Syrup goodness on the go! Pair with a glass of goodness, with the family-sized carton of Orange Juice (1.75l, £1.59), or Apple Juice (1l, 99p).

Beat mid-morning hunger with filling snacks

Pick up a jar of Wholenut Peanut Butter (340g, £1.09), available in either soft and Smooth or delightfully Crunchy, and grab some healthy sticks of Aldi’s Nature’s Pick Celery (53p) for a quick foodie fix to replenish that well-spent energy.

Hike the trail to mid-morning happiness with Dried Mango or Tropical Trail Mix (100g, £1.25), go crazy for Dried Cranberries or Raisins & Cranberries (150g/300g, £1.19) or set off into the rest of the morning with Seed Mix or Sunflower Seeds (250g, £1.29) for a snackable range of dried fruits and seeds.

Ready, set, make your own!

For homemade snacks to last the week, try out Aldi’s Easy Flapjack Recipe, whipping up 20 flapjack bites in just 10 minutes – ideal for fast flapjacks on the go or at home.

Easy Flapjacks Recipe


300g Oats

100g Flaked Almonds

5 tbsp Maple Syrup

10 tbsp Coconut Oil

5 tbsp Almond Butter


Melt the syrup, coconut oil and almond butter

Whisk the mixture to emulsify the fat

Mix with the oats and flaked almonds and flatten out on to a lined baking tray

Set in the fridge and cut in to portions


For more information, please contact the Aldi Consumer Press Office on:

T: +44 207 693 6995 or E: *research conducted by Aldi, July, 2020

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
T: 0207 479 0910 or

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12 April, 2024

Inspired by the ‘#tuscanstyle’ garden trend[1] with over 11 million views, Aldi’s NEW Garden Portofino and Garden Tidy ranges encourage house-proud shoppers to choose fragrant plants and vibrant colours that offer an ambience resembling a warm Italian villa.

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