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Thanks to Harry Styles’ latest music video for his hit ‘Watermelon Sugar’, which topped 11 million views in the first 24 hours, watermelons are having a bit of a moment.

Aldi has the perfect drinks match for this summer moment – Harry fans can quench their thirst with >Aldi’s new Strawberry and Watermelon Vodka Crush for just a cheeky £11.99.
Part of Aldi’s latest Spirits Festival, the Watermelon Vodka hit the shelves in store and online earlier this month. This luscious liqueur is crafted to perfection in small batches, echoing those fruity flavours that are perfect for summer evenings and feelings.
For a refreshing cocktail you’ll be falling for in no time; mix a single measure of the vodka liqueur with mint, pour over crushed ice and top with lemonade – add a wedge of watermelon on the side for added style. Or, if you want to be really extra, spoon the insides of a watermelon out and pour a healthy measure of the delicious vodka inside. Simply top with soda and fresh lime for the ultimate summer sipping cocktail!

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