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Wanting to make a healthy start in 2020? It’s easy to make healthy swaps at Aldi this New Year with its superb range of nourishing and low-calorie offerings, created to nourish your body after the overindulgence of the festive period. So why not change-up your usual with Aldi’s wide selection of wholesome ready meals, healthy grains…and more, all available to buy at everyday amazing prices.

Aldi’s selection of nutritious and low-calorie ready-meal options, including its range of Balanced Cuisine meals (£1.99, 380g), proves that just because it’s convenient, doesn’t mean it’s ‘bad’ for you. Options such as new Beef & Red Wine Casserole, consisting of cooked marinated beef in a rich red wine and onion gravy with colourful carrots, swede and kale. Or Chicken in Mushroom Sauce – tender chicken breast fillets in a mushroom sauce and served with baby potatoes, broccoli and green beans. Both packed with 2 of your 5 a day, these meals are low fat, high protein, AND low calorie, coming in at 185 calories and 245 calories respectively.
Aldi’s Inspired Cuisine meals (£1.99, 380g) are available in two mouth-watering meaty options – Paella or Beef & 3 Bean Chilli – both of which are high in protein and low in fat. Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with the Paella, a flavourful blend of risotto rice in a tomato and smoked paprika sauce, topped with succulent cooked British chicken breast pieces, mighty king prawns, chorizo slices, sliced red peppers and peas, containing 385 calories. Alternatively, why not try the Beef & 3 Bean Chilli, with mildly spiced tender British beef in a bean chilli sauce, and served with white and wild rice mixed with sweetcorn. Also ideal for a light lunch or dinner, this nutrition-packed chilli only contains 369 calories and best of all, only £1.99!
For those trying to make a plant-based start to 2020, Aldi has an array of vegan options, which are both fuss-free and nutritious. Choose from the flavours of Italy or Mexico, with Aldi’s Inspired Cuisine Mushroom Bolognese, a filling tagliatelle pasta served with a rich mushroom and tomato bolognese sauce, with cherry tomatoes, spinach and roasted sliced mushrooms, all for 275 calories, this Mushroom Bolognese is so appetising you won’t miss the meat.
Also, the 3 Bean Chilli, containing 305 calories, features a mildly spiced vegetable and three bean chilli sauce, served with white and wild rice mixed with sweetcorn, and is garnished with red peppers and spring onions for added crunch. Both options are a source of protein, low in fat and saturated fat – and at a purse friendly £1.99 each, there’s no excuse not to try a plant-based meal this year.
On the look-out for alternative, cost effective, healthy carb sources? Aldi’s got you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Kick start your morning with Organic Porridge Oats (£1.49, 1kg), and opt for a wholesome wrap for lunch using Aldi’s Wholemeal Wraps (£0.79, pack of 8), and pack with your favourite fillings. Meanwhile, also on offer is Quinoa (£0.99, 300g) – the grain that’s all the rage – a great accompaniment to any lunch or dinner and brilliant value too.
Lean meats and fish are also on offer in abundance. Choose from boneless, skin on Sea Bass Fillets (£2.59) and Tuna Chunks in Brine (£2.69 for pack of 4) – the must-have cupboard staple to prep your lunches for the week ahead.
You can still enjoy your regular fry-up with Aldi’s Specially Selected Skinny Pork Sausages (£2.19, 400g). With less than 3% fat and seasoned with spices, these are the perfect healthy indulgence. Meanwhile, Aldi’s 2% Fat Turkey mince (£2.99, 500g) is a great alternative to your usual beef mince Bolognese, or alternatively why not experiment with turkey meatballs.
Snacks needn’t be an unhealthy cheat either – why not try the thick and creamy 0% Authentic Greek Yogurt (£1.39, 500g), which is both fat free and high in protein, and top with Aldi’s fresh, bursting with sweetness Blueberries (£1.59, 400g). Or for grub on-the-go, the Oh So Delish Snack Veggie Protein Trays (£0.69) and The Foodie Market Cashews (£1.29, 150g) – are both an excellent source of fibre and protein.


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