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Searching for the right skincare to make your skin feel so fetch? Aldi’s Lacura Pink Clay skincare range has everything you need to make your skin so soft even Regina George will be jealous. As Instagrammable as it is effective, the gentle formula of this range can help you fight everything from dehydrated to dull skin while detoxifying and preventing breakouts.

Starting at just £2.99, the Lacura Pink Clay collection is available to purchase as SpecialBuys online now. 
Formulated with extracts of exotic Australian Kakadu Plum, a key ingredient for producing a glowing complexion, the pink clay helps draw out impurities which will leave your skin feeling soft and squeaky clean. Complete with a Muslin Cloth that is gentle yet effective on the skin, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without this powerful duo. 
For additional smoothness, the Lacura Pink Clay Exfoliator refines and mattifies the skin while gently removing dead skin cells. Containing extracts of Macadamia Oil, this exfoliator is packed full of essential fatty acids to regenerate and soften the skin. Infused with mangosteen, the exfoliator carries anti-inflammatory benefits to help keep those breakouts at bay. 
For the perfect Friday night in or mid-week treat, the Lacura Pink Clay & Golden Glow Multi-Mask helps to hydrate skin and enhance its natural radiance. Containing extracts of mangosteen and pomegranate, this mask will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalised without the hefty price tag. 

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