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While potty training doesn’t have a season, there’s no better time to try than summer. With the older kids back at school, you’re offered a rare opportunity of one-on-one time with your youngest. Whether they’re ready and willing, or they need a gentle nudge, the warmer months will make their journey a whole lot easier. 

Not sure when to transition from nappies to nappy pants? A good sign is when you’ve noticed the nappy change become a lot more challenging – wriggly babies often want to be anywhere else but the changing mat! If this is the case, it’s time to introduce Aldi’s Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappy Pants, designed especially for more active babies. 

Available in sizes 4 to 7, Mamia Nappy Pants have the convenience of a pant, but the absorbency of a nappy, making them the perfect next step before the dizzying heights of potty training. The soft, breathable materials and all-round stretch provide a comfortable fit for your baby and the flexible leg cuffs help to prevent any unwanted leaks. What’s more, the easy, tear away sides are very convenient, making for a quick, hassle-free change so you can get back to playtime, in no time!

So, if they’re ready for their first pair of ‘big’ pants, the unique design of Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappy Pants will make them feel grown up, whilst giving them the necessary support until they progress to the potty. With prices starting from just £1.99, be sure to check out Aldi’s Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappy Pants. Available online at and in store at Aldi now. 


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