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  • Aldi has shared its Valentine’s Day meals with the cheapest coming in at just £2.59 each – only £5.17 per couple
  • The Valentine’s menu includes a three course heart shaped meal, luxurious wagyu pies,
    a seafood lovers’ special, and a delicious plant-based option

Couples will love the amazing value date night deals they can get at Aldi this Valentine’s Day. Set to pull on the heart strings rather than purse strings this February, the range includes a three course heart shaped meal for under £3 each, a perfect plant-based option for just £3.24 per person, a seafood lovers’ dream for just over £5 each. And even premium wagyu pies with a side and dessert for less than £5.24 per person.

A love-ly heart shaped meal

(£2.59 per person without wine, £4.58 with wine)

This Valentine’s Day, Aldi is ramping up the love with heart shaped food for every course. Start with the Carlos Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread (£1.19, 145g), and enjoy the new Heart Shaped Lobster Pasta (£2.49, 250g), which offers pasta pillows filled with fresh, succulent lobster meat, for a delicious main. Finish with a dessert of Mini Heart Pancakes (£1.49, 300g) – ideally smothered in syrup and fruit.

This three course meal costs just £2.59 per person, and shoppers can enjoy it with the Costellore Prosecco Vino Frizzante (£3.99, 75cl) and it’ll still come in well under £5 per person.

A catch for seafood lovers

(£5.14 per person without wine, £7.09 with wine)

Seafood lovers won’t need to trawl the aisles to catch a decent deal, as Aldi’s Specially Selected 2 Pack King Prawn & Scallop Thermidor is just £3.99 (240g). Follow it with Prawn & White Wine Salmon Wellington (£4.29, 700g) and add Aldi’s Specially Selected Potato Dauphinose (£1.99, 400g) for a delicious meal to remember.

Pair it with the beautifully light, crisp and dry Cambalala Sauvignon Blanc (£3.89, 75cl) for a delightful dinner for two for just £6.94 per person.

Meaty mains

(£5.24 per person without wine, £7.23 with wine)

Shoppers can enjoy two succulent Specially Selected Gastro Wagyu Pies (£5.99, 250g x 2) with Specially Selected Triple Cooked Chips (£1.99, 400g), finished with the delectable Valentine’s Chocolate Profiteroles (£2.49, 180g) for just £5.24 per person. Accompany with Aldi’s Grapevine Argentinian Malbec (£3.99, 75cl) to make it just £7.23 each.

Vegan Valentine’s

(£3.24 per person without wine, £5.08 with wine)

Plant-based love birds rejoice, Aldi’s all-vegan Valentine’s menu is just £5.08 including wine! Enjoy Specially Selected Vegan Heart Shaped Ultimate Burgers (£2.49, 267g) with Specially Selected Vegetable Medley (£1.99, 260g) and finish with an irresistibly oozy Specially Selected Vegan Chocolate Melt in the Middle Heart (£1.99, 180g), all paired with Aldi’s Grapevine Merlot (£3.69).

Shoppers can also enjoy their meal with the Costellore Prosecco Vino Frizzante (£3.99, 75cl) or even Champagne, as Aldi’s Veuve Monsigny Rosé (£16.99, 75cl) is suitable for vegans too.

Aldi’s Valentine’s Menus:


Carlos Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread  £1.19

Heart Shaped Lobster Pasta  £2.49

Mini Heart Pancakes £1.49

Optional: Costlier Prosecco Vino Frizzante £3.99

TOTAL FOR TWO:  £5.17 (WITH WINE: £9.16)


2 Pack King Prawn & Scallop Thermidor £3.99

2 Prawn & White Wine Salmon Wellington £4.29

Potato Dauphinose £1.99

Optional: Cambalala Sauvignon Blanc £3.89

TOTAL FOR TWO: £10.27 (WITH WINE: £14.16)


2 Wagyu Pies £5.99

Triple Cooked Chips £1.99

Valentine’s Chocolate Profiteroles £2.49

Optional: Grapevine Argentinian Malbec £3.99

TOTAL FOR TWO: £10.47 (WITH WINE: £14.46)


2 Vegan Heart Shaped Ultimate Burgers £2.49

Vegetable Medley £1.99

Vegan Molten Middle Heart £1.99

Optional: Grapevine Merlot £3.69

TOTAL FOR TWO: £6.47 (WITH WINE: £10.16)

See the full list of Aldi’s Valentine’s Day specials here:


Product nameWeightPrice
S/S Heart Shaped Sharing Bread with Camembert300g£3.99
S/S 2 Pack King Prawn & Scallop Thermidor240g£3.99
S/S Fresh Oysters360g£3.99
S/S Vegan No Chicken Balls with a Sweet Chilli Dip / Mini Sweet Chilli Vegan Fish Cakes260g/218g£1.99
S/S Spanish Tapas Rounds (Mild / Spicy)250g£3.99
S/S Chicken and Apple Pate Bowl150g£2.99
S/S Barbers Mature Cheddar and Chocolate Orange Fondue2x 150g£4.99


Product nameWeightPrice
S/S Heart Shaped Lobster Pasta250g£2.49
S/S Prawn & White Wine Salmon Wellington700g£4.29
Chicken Love Nuggets with Date Ketchup/ Hot lips with Hot Honey Sauce350g£2.49  
S/S Gastro Wood Fired Wagyu Pizza455g£3.99
S/S Wagyu Ribeye SteakAverage weight 227g£6.98
S/S Wagyu Fillet SteakAverage weight 170g£7.48
S/S Wagyu Sirloin SteakAverage weight 227g£6.47
S/S Wagyu Rump SteakAverage weight 227g£5.49
S/S Duck Breast Portions with Morello Cherry Sauce330g£3.99
S/S Gastro Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breasts with a Porcini Mushroom Glaze356g£3.49
S/S Sprig on Chicken Breast Kiev with a Tomato & Parmesan Centre450g£4.99
S/S Gastro Twinpack British Lamb Shanks with a Mint & Balsamic Glaze800g£6.49
S/S 36 Day Matured Sirloin & Ribeye Steaks with Pink Peppercorn Butters400g£6.99
S/S Vegan Heart Shaped Ultimate Burgers267g£2.49
S/S Gastro Wagyu Pies250g x 2£5.99


Product nameWeightPrice
Carlos Heart Shaped Mini Garlic Pizza Bread145g£1.19
S/S Vegetable Medley260g£1.99
S/S Triple Cooked Chips400g£1.99
S/S Cauliflower Cheese450g£2.49
S/S Potato Dauphinoise400g£1.99


Product nameWeightPrice
Mini Heart Pancakes300g£1.49
S/S Valentine’s Profiteroles180g£2.49
Barber’s Mature Cheddar & Strawberries & Cream flavoured Cheese Truckles200g£1.99
S/S Heritage Raspberry & Sicilian Lemon Roulades180g£2.49
S/S Heart Shaped Macarons90g£2.29
S/S Vegan Chocolate Melt in the Middle Heart180g£1.99

Aldi’s Valentine’s range is available via Click and Collect and in stores from 9th February. 


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