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  • A quarter of Brits are struggling to sleep.
  • Revamp your sleep space as Aldi launches a brand-new range of on-trend Rattan furniture, including the Rattan Bed, Wardrobe and Dressing Table for the ultimate, calming bedroom makeover.
  • The range also sees the return of the popular Velvet Scallop Bed and Velvet Scallop Chair, as well as a new matching Scallop Pet Bed and Chair for pampered pets.

With a quarter of Brits struggling to get some decent shut eye[1]  and 37% labelling themselves as ‘sleep deprived’[2], Aldi’s latest bedroom range is here to make drifting off a little easier. Research has shown that simple changes can make a huge difference and that relaxation is key[3], so pairing a soothing environment with the use of sleep sprays will encourage the mind and body to de-stress. The Home Refresh & Sleep Well range will be available throughout March and April across a number of on-sale dates, beginning 7th March.

Give bedrooms a makeover with Aldi’s new range of on-trend rattan furniture. The new Rattan Bed (available in Double – £149.99, or King- £179.99, online only) will upgrade bedrooms with a natural, relaxed feel to help shoppers dream of sunnier times. Pair with the Rattan style Wardrobe (£129.99, online only), Chest of Drawers (£99.99, online only), Dressing Table (£99.99, online only) and Bedside Table (£44.99, online only) for the soothing nature of natural fibres.

For those who prefer a luxurious plush look, the glamourous Scallop Bed (available in Double – £249.99, or King – £299.99, online only) is back to make a statement and is even available with space-saving Ottoman Storage (Double – £349.99 or King- £399.99, online only). Available in pink or grey, it will look perfectly coordinated when paired with the Scallop Chair (£79.99, online only).  Not forgetting pampered pets, Aldi’s new Scallop Pet Bed (£44.99, online only) and Scallop Pet Chair (£39.99, online only) will not only match bedroom interiors, but will also provide additional comfort – for furry friends too!

For the ultimate bed of dreams, pair with the Silentnight Super Comfort Mattress (double – £124.99 or king – £149.99, online only), Anti-Allergy Pillow Pair (£6.99) and Perfect Pillows (£12.99 each). With temperature being key to a good night’s sleep[4], Aldi is also introducing the Slumberdown Made for Two Duvet (£24.99 – £29.99, online only).  This nifty must-have features different togs on each half of the duvet to cater to different sleep needs.

Synthetic fabrics often found in pillowcases can trap heat and lead to a restless night. Light sleepers can sleep soundly with Aldi’s gorgeous Silk Pillowcase (online only, £24.99), made from 100% silk. Available in three colours, the fabric is gently woven, providing a soothing and luxurious feel on the skin. What’s more, shoppers can save over 44% compared to leading retailers including John Lewis[5], so there’s no need to compromise on comfort over price.

Create a cosy corner in any room with Aldi’s Arm Chair (£159.99, online only) or Accent Chair (£159.99, online only). Both available in a velvet finish, the chairs will create a stylish statement whilst providing comfort to any home setting.

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